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Giving Thanks to the First Farmers

Indigenous Peoples are the forerunners of sustainable agriculture.

Andy “aTrippyFarmer” Dole Films His Farm’s Ups and Downs

Successful YouTuber shows how he’s advancing his family’s legacy.

Top Ag Universities in the U.S.

A college ag degree is a great first step toward a fulfilling career.

Farmers Who Serve (Video)

A grower shares how the ag community can educate the public through serving in a checkoff or commodity organization.

Farmers Markets Are Hubs for Local Food

Farmers markets across the country serve to build stronger community connections through fresh food.

Spring 2023

Tips for Successful Succession Planning on the Farm

Open communication and early planning help reduce stress when passing on the farm.

Women in Ag are a Force to be Reckoned With

A Syngenta scientist is just one of a growing number of women who make important contributions to the ag industry.

Winter 2022

Urban Students Prepare for Careers in Agriculture

An agricultural high school in Chicago equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Urban Ag Leaders (Video)

Through hands-on learning, career development and more, the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences plays a significant role in preparing the next generation of urban ag leaders.

Agritourism Connects People to the Farm

Chelan Valley Farms strives to mend the gap between farm and fork.

Fall 2022

7 Safety Tips to Prevent Grain Elevator Entrapments

Growers who operate grain elevators may help prevent accidents by following key safety practices.

A Day with a Crop Protection Field Development Scientist (Video)

Working with technical product leads, tackling weed control and educating students on agriculture – you name it – Steve Mroczkiewicz does it..

Summer 2022

It Takes a Village

The U.S. ag community supports a young girl who is fighting leukemia half a world away.

Spring 2022

Understanding Grower Needs

A retailer partnership with Syngenta delivers local data and service to add value for Illinois farmers.

2021 #RootedinAg Winner Honors His Grandfather

The 2021 #RootedinAg Contest winner’s grandpa shared his knowledge and passion — and inspired a love for farming.

Winter 2021

Minority Growers Contend With Special Challenges

Two minority farmers share the trials and triumphs of continuing their family farming legacies.

Military Veterans Make Successful Transitions to Careers in Agriculture

Military veterans are an excellent fit for agriculture, and the number of programs to help them transition to ag careers is growing.

Reducing Agriculture’s Carbon Footprint

The World Bank’s BioCarbon Fund, a pilot project, helped start carbon-credit efforts, which could one day benefit U.S. growers.

Certified AgriEdge Partners Go Above and Beyond

When it comes to AgriEdge® customers, Midstate Agronomy leaves no farmer behind.

Partnerships To Protect Pollinators

Collaboration underscores the importance of safeguarding pollinators, which are vital to the food supply.

Fall 2020

Successful Succession in Ag

Transferring farm ownership from one generation to the next can be a challenging but rewarding process.

Four Steps Toward Successful Agribusiness Succession

The handoff of an agribusiness to the next generation requires a well-thought-out plan.

Teamwork Provides a Firm Foundation for Success

Retailer New Century FS and Syngenta work together to drive potential return on investment for growers.

Agriculture’s Tradition of Giving Back Endures

The agriculture industry has a long history of giving generously and fostering brighter futures in its local communities.

Summer 2020

Building Trust in the Food Supply

A unique partnership is working together to promote profitable conservation practices and share those achievements with the public.

Success in Ag Depends on the Details

NK retailer Mark Boshart knows a good partner pays attention to the little things.

Three Tips to Drive Production During a Crisis

As the nation’s economy slowed down during the COVID-19 crisis, Syngenta powered forward. Here are three tips to help ag press onward in a crisis.

Syngenta Supports Local Communities During COVID-19 Outbreak

Throughout the pandemic, Syngenta continues to live out the mission of feeding a hungry world.

Vote for Your Favorite #RootedinAg Finalist

Cast your vote to help decide who will be the winner of this year’s grand prize.

Ag Retailer Builds Career by Cultivating Trust

Don Boehm, a veteran ag retailer, offers growers reliable agronomic insight — with a personal touch.

Spring 2020

Bringing Mental Health Out of the Darkness

Agriculture is finally talking about mental wellness on the farm — a topic once shrouded in silence and shame.

Smithsonian Honors Syngenta Scientist

A new Smithsonian exhibition recognizes Syngenta scientist Mary-Dell Chilton and other women pioneering in business.

Stepping Up to the Plate in Ag Requires Strong Relationships

A retailer in America’s Heartland puts the power of long-standing relationships to work for his customers.

Thrive #RootedinAg Contest Now Accepting Entries

Who most inspired your agricultural roots? By sharing your story, you can honor that person and win prizes for you and your community.

Winter 2020

Expert Tips for Launching a Career in Ag

Jobs in agriculture abound, but students and grads still have work to do before landing their dream jobs.

Career Paths in Agriculture

With the demand for new hires outstripping supply, the future for students interested in agriculture is bright.

Sibling Harmony Results From Shared Values, Farm Duties

The 2019 #RootedinAg Contest winner, whose brother ignited her passion for agriculture, also credits him for keeping the flame burning.

Scholarship Winners Are Taking Unique Paths to Ag Careers

The 2019 Accelerating a Generation Syngenta Scholarship winners attest to the enduring importance of the agricultural industry.

Syngenta Is Committed to Collaborative Relationships

Team members who are passionate about agriculture are essential to delivering superior products and services to the farm.

Syngenta Celebrates International Women’s History Month

Syngenta is proud to honor women who, through time, have contributed to the agriculture community.

Fall 2019

Investing in Tomorrow's Agriculture

A past Syngenta Scholarship winner shares how the award impacted his life.

Joe Kuznia: Delivering Seedcare Solutions

The Syngenta Seedcare platform lead meets customers' seed treating needs by thinking like a farmer.

Robin Thomas: Guiding Principles

This Syngenta commercial recruiting lead is building on a legacy of ag mentorship.

Summer 2019

Making the Case for Agriculture

With the Leadership At Its Best program, Syngenta equips association leaders with the skills they need to confidently advocate for today’s farmers.

Josh Miller: Driving Innovation

The FarmShots founder reflects on his journey to the forefront of digital agriculture.

FarmHer Puts Sustainability to Work

An upcoming episode of “FarmHer on RFD-TV” shares the story of a female grower and her family’s successful commitment to sustainability.

Tammy Wiedenbeck Selected as the 2019 #RootedinAg Contest Winner

Learn more about the grand prizewinner and the person who most inspired her agricultural roots.

Spring 2019

FieldWatch Makes for Good Neighbors

Syngenta proudly supports this nonprofit, which fosters communication between pesticide applicators, beekeepers and growers who produce sensitive crops.

Syngenta and Its Ag Retailers Support FFA

The Syngenta Blue Jacket program helps provide recognition and opportunities for National FFA Organization members.

Golden Harvest Names Seed Advisor of the Year

The seed company honors an independent Seed Advisor in Minot, North Dakota, for his knowledge and dedicated customer service.

Syngenta Scientist Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Xingping Zhang, science fellow at Syngenta Biotechnology China, has received the Cucurbitaceae Lifetime Achievement Award.

Christine May: A Complete View

This Syngenta agronomy service representative builds on a family legacy.

Jammie Wutzke: A World of Experience

After traveling the globe, this AgriEdge specialist is happy to be home.

Duane Hobbs: Finding a Place

This Syngenta sales rep is on a mission to help his customers find success.

Researcher Makes Potatoes His Mission in Life

Syngenta technical lead leaves an indelible mark on the industry he serves.

Winter 2019

Celebrate Your Ag Mentor Through #RootedinAg Contest

Share the story of who has most inspired you for a chance to reward your mentor and community.

Stephanie Steele: A Farm Mom, Wife and Ag Professional

This FarmHer built a career and life that merges her passions.

Mary Kay Thatcher: An Advocate for Farmers

This Iowa native and lobbyist has made agriculture her life’s work.

Gil Strader: An Inspiration for Field Excellence

Sales training expert celebrates 35 years with Syngenta.

Katharine Girone: The 2018 #RootedinAg Winner Tells Her Story

Contest winner builds on family bond and helps grow community.

Scholarship Winners Share Commitment to Agriculture's Future

The 2018 Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship winners aspire to help feed the world’s growing population.

Honor Your Ag Mentor by Telling Your #RootedinAg Story

Sign up to receive information about entering the 2019 #RootedinAg contest.

Fall 2018

You Share, We Give

Syngenta wants to make your holidays picture perfect, while helping those with little receive more.

Jennifer James: A Voice for Sustainability

This FarmHer does a little bit of everything to make her family farm a model of sustainability.

Ashley Bandoni: A Renaissance Woman in Agriculture

This Syngenta FarmHer does a little bit of everything, from sales to the nitty gritty.


Abigail Han: Syngenta Scholarship Helps Winner Seize Opportunities

Han has a newfound appreciation for ag as she gains experience in and out of the classroom.

Syngenta Hosts International Exchange Student

Syngenta pilots a new approach with an international program for farm youth, aimed at cultivating new thought leaders.

Elijah Meck: An Ag Professional With a Passion for Bugs

This technical product lead aims to help growers through his love of entomology.

Summer 2018

FarmHer Gives Voice to Women in Agriculture

FarmHer illuminates the contributions of women in agriculture and inspires a new generation to pursue farm-related careers.

Spring 2018

Brad Allen: Coming Full Circle

AgriEdge specialist connects with agriculture’s big family.

Syngenta Donations Benefit Local FFA Chapters

For every valid email address collected from a visitor to a Grow More Experience site, Syngenta will make a donation to the local FFA chapter.

Courtney Hampton and Sonna Hoke: The Family That Farms Together

A love of agriculture bridges the gap between two women from different generations.

Honor Your Ag Mentor Through #RootedinAg Contest

Enter this year’s contest by sharing the story of the person who most inspired you to pursue a career in agriculture.

Lisa Moricle: An Ag Career Built on Hard Work and an Open Mind

A commitment to lifelong learning has allowed her to embrace the complexities of the agriculture industry.

How to Stay Safe in Agriculture

Awareness of safety best practices helps save lives and prevent accidents.

Winter 2018

Sue McCrum: A Medical Professional Finds Her Passion on the Farm

How an X-ray technician hung up her lab coat to become a leader in agriculture.

Stephanie Schwenke: Stand up, Have a Voice

Her career led her off the farm, but Schwenke’s agricultural roots guide her in everyday life.

Tori Streitmatter: The 2017 #RootedinAg Winner Shares Her Story

Contest winner recalls the indelible imprint her father has made on her live.

David Hollinrake: From Farm Boy to Seeds Executive

This Syngenta leader has lived the American dream and carved a path of success in the industry.

Terry Pille: Pillar of the Community

From grower to seller, this Golden Harvest sales representative has dedicated his life to the ag industry.

Students Explore Ag Careers While on a Virtual Field Trip

A livestreamed broadcast educates students about career opportunities in ag, including those occupations in settings other than the farm.

Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship Winners Aspire to Make a Difference

The 2017 Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship winners are well on their way to joining previous recipients as tomorrow's leaders in agriculture.

Fall 2017

Steve Wilkens: Helping Connect Growers to Leading-Edge Solutions

A small-town dairy farmer’s son grows up to become an agronomist who develops global crop innovations.

Felisha Vestal: “Transplant” to Ag Formulates Success in the Field

Chemical engineer learns to “speak ag,” embraces the mission.

Thrive Grows by Leaps and Bounds

During its first decade of publication, Thrive has grown to meet the needs of a broader and increasingly digital-savvy audience.

Jennifer Yocum: Syngenta Tech Specialist Answers Tough Questions

Growing up on a university research station gave this Syngenta specialist a unique perspective on the technical side of ag.

Risa DeMasi: Seed Executive Surrounds Herself with Agricultural Know-How

The co-founder of Grassland Oregon learns from her own experiences and those of others to cultivate success.

Shawn Potter: A Passion to Empower Others

Early experiences on the farm drive his desire to help growers succeed.

Megan Moll: Personally and Professionally Dedicated to Ag

Growing up on a farm taught her how to value hard work and hard-working people.

Summer 2017

The Good Growth Plan Gains Ground on Food Insecurity

A progress report from Syngenta shows significant advances toward reaching the goals of The Good Growth Plan.

Lisa Phelps: Dedicated Chemist and Passionate Farmer

When she’s not working on the latest chemical break through for Syngenta, Phelps tends to chores on the family farm.

Liz Hunt: Syngenta Leader in Sustainability

For this Syngenta Sustainable Solutions lead, a history of flowers blossomed into a commitment to sustainability.

2017 Crop Challenge Winners in Analytics Winners Announced

The BioSense Institute in Serbia is the winner of this year’s Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics.

Public-Private Partnership Focuses on Soil Health

A unique collaboration sets its sights on improving agricultural production and stewardship.

Spring 2017

Willie Hawkins: Sentimental Ag Professional

Syngenta sales rep has always followed his heart—both personally and professionally.

Jill Wheeler: Industry Veteran Committed to Making a Difference

From journalist to head of sustainable productivity, Wheeler has dedicated her career to the ag industry.

Brenda and Marin Wolgamott: A Wine-Producing Mother and Daughter Duo

Grape growing and winemaking are the bonds that keep this family succeeding in the ag industry.

Laura Peterson: Syngenta Public Policy Advocate for Ag

Splitting life between Washington, D.C., and a Montana ranch helps this Syngenta leader remain connected to the industry she supports.

Partnership Promotes Healthy Pollinator Habitats

A multipartner alliance is creating high-quality habitats for pollinators and other local wildlife.

Pamela Cole Smith: Dedicated Chronicler of Agriculture and Farm Life

As an agricultural journalist, Smith is dedicated to helping growers solve problems.

Lori Thomas: Seasoned Sales Professional With a Passion for People

Her expansive and successful career gives Thomas plenty of experience to share with the next generation of ag pros.

Doug Kirkbride: Syngenta Agronomist Works to Help Growers Attain Their Goals

Invigorated by the science of soil, Kirkbride puts his knowledge to use to help growers and retailers.

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