FarmHer Gives Voice to Women in Agriculture

FarmHer illuminates the contributions of women in agriculture and inspires a new generation to pursue farm-related careers.
Cristen Clark holds a baby pig while spending time with her son, Barrett, on their family farm in Runnels, Iowa.
Marji Guyler-Alaniz (right) visits FarmHer Jennifer James (left) at her rice farm in Arkansas for season three of “FarmHer on RFD-TV.”
Entering its third season, “FarmHer on RFD-TV” is a series about women who play an integral role in American agriculture. Its success has spawned other related shows and events across the country, including a FarmHer radio series and podcast, an “I Am FarmHer” national event and a “Grow by FarmHer” series of regional events.

FarmHer is the brainchild of journalist and photographer Marji Guyler-Alaniz, and it spotlights the many farm women who make significant contributions to agriculture on a daily basis. “I’m inspired every single day by the strong, resilient women who care so deeply about their families and farms, and who deal with agriculture’s ups and downs,” she says.

.@FarmHer1, sponsored by @SyngentaUS, continues to give a voice to #womeninag with season 3 on @OfficialRFDTV.

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Wendell Calhoun, communications marketing manager at Syngenta, agrees. “FarmHer shows the importance of diversity of thought,” he says. “It’s opening minds and doors for young women in agriculture.”

Syngenta has supported the FarmHer television series since its inception and will again be a presenting sponsor for FarmHer’s third season, which begins in September.

“Syngenta was our very first sponsor, and its commitment and support mean so much to me,” Guyler-Alaniz says.

Susan Woodruff, an NK® district manager, says she can relate to those stories. “My parents worked side by side on the farm,” she explains. “My mom was such an integral part of our farming operation, so I always knew farming wasn’t just for men. I think it’s impactful that FarmHer tells the stories of women in other agricultural careers.”

Woodruff and several other Syngenta employees attended the 2017 “I Am FarmHer” national event. For Woodruff, one of the take-home messages was the importance of social media as a vehicle for networking with female farmers from around the country. She reads the blogs and posts of women who raise everything from dairy cows to vegetables.

“FarmHer shows the importance of diversity of thought. It’s opening minds and doors for young women in agriculture.”

Wendell Calhoun
While the national event is geared toward women and men of all ages, the “Grow by FarmHer” regional events feature educational and inspirational programs more targeted to millennials.

FarmHer’s season three is set to inspire with episodes featuring women in a variety of roles, including a female rice grower, a woman who manages her family’s cattle ranch, a female horse trainer who works with the Budweiser Clydesdales and a woman who owns an aerial application service.

“We’ll cover unique stories about people doing unique things in agriculture,” Guyler-Alaniz says. “The message is about taking what you have and making it better.”