Through “FarmHer on RFD-TV,” Syngenta Celebrates Women in Ag

Get to know Syngenta leaders and the women who have influenced them through the #RootedinAg Spotlights.

This season, each “FarmHer on RFD-TV” episode includes a Syngenta #RootedinAg Spotlight segment, which introduces viewers to key employees at Syngenta. In these brief video segments and corresponding profiles, the featured employees will tell audiences how they are #RootedinAg and talk about the inspiring women who have helped shape their journeys in ag.

“We’re proud to continue our support of the FarmHer movement,” says Wendell Calhoun, communications manager at Syngenta. “The television show is a great way to honor some of the amazing women who are helping to shape agriculture and our world every day.”

Premiere episodes air Fridays at 9:30 p.m. Eastern time. Check your local listings to find the station in your area. Also, visit this page each week to check out new “#RootedinAg Spotlights.”

FarmHer Season Two Monthly Feature:
Lisa Moricle
Lisa Moricle: An Ag Career Built on Hard Work and an Open Mind

Lisa Moricle didn’t know a lot about the agriculture industry prior to attending college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. That’s where she met her husband and his family, who, at the time, owned and operated a tobacco and vegetable farm.

“I quickly learned that there was a strong work ethic within his family,” Moricle says. “Their close bond that centered around farming really interested me. That’s what led me to Syngenta."

While in college, she landed an internship with a Syngenta legacy company in a technology role and upon graduation accepted a role supporting the field sales team with its information systems. This gave Moricle firsthand exposure to the agriculture industry.

Moricle set her sights on a career in marketing that would allow her to work more closely with Syngenta products and the growers who use them. Although she came to Syngenta without a personal background in farming, she had a strong desire to learn and quickly moved into a marketing role that helped her expand her knowledge and skills.

“I wanted to learn more about agriculture and about how our products benefit growers,” Moricle says. “Marketing was an avenue for me to do that and to work across many crops.”

Following in Their Footsteps

Over the years, Moricle has held various marketing positions at Syngenta, including customer and crop marketing, brand management, and roles with the Syngenta vegetable seeds business. Now, as head of fungicides and insecticides product marketing, she and her team are responsible for bringing new fungicide and insecticide products to market and supporting the robust portfolios already available to consumers.

Her team makes sure that Syngenta reps have access to the right tools to demonstrate the value of products to consumers.

Moricle says that she can attribute some of her professional success to the female role models throughout her life.

“From an early age, the women who inspired me were my mother, other female family members and teachers,” she says. “What they all had in common was that they were very hardworking, strong, independent women who did what it took to get the job done.”

Seeking Support From Others

When Moricle started her career in the industry, many of her peers had a personal history in agriculture. She found mentors who could share their experiences with her. She learned from colleagues that the complexities of agriculture aren’t something to fear, but rather present an opportunity to learn new things every day.

“There have been so many people who have helped me in my career over the years,” she says. “They helped show me what agriculture is all about.”

And while agriculture may have a reputation as being an industry dominated by men, Moricle doesn’t see it that way. In reflecting on her nearly 28-year career with Syngenta, Moricle says she has seen an increase in the number of women working at Syngenta, a testament to a culture of diversity and inclusion.

“Agriculture is a very diverse industry with lots of avenues for career growth,” she says. “I think that as long as you embrace learning and exploring different paths along the way, the opportunities are endless.”

Moricle says the Syngenta core values have influenced her career growth. One of these, “Passion for Customers,” is clearly demonstrated in her enthusiasm for collaboration to bring new solutions to customers.

This focus on others’ success also reflects in her personal life. Moricle says she strives to work hard every day to set a good example for her two children and the next generation of women and men who will shape the future of agriculture. She sees a world of opportunity when it comes to the next generation of employees.

“I think leading by example is one of the ways I will pass along what I’ve learned to the next generation,” she says. “In staying connected, sharing my experiences and telling my story, I hope in some way it will inspire colleagues along their career paths.”

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