Teamwork Provides a Firm Foundation for Success

Retailer New Century FS and Syngenta work together to drive potential return on investment for growers.
Teamwork Provides a Firm Foundation for Success
Cooper McDermott (left) with Syngenta and Howard Noel (right) of New Century FS in Iowa collaborate to make sure local growers’ needs are met.
When it comes to bringing value to growers, the 15-year partnership between Syngenta and Iowa-based retailer New Century FS proves the old adage “two heads are better than one.” Shared goals, superior customer service and products that deliver are all key ingredients in the productive relationship that is benefiting local growers.
Retailer #newcenturyFS and @SyngentaUS work together to drive potential return on investment for growers. Read more about their partnership.

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“For both parties, there is a genuine desire to bring more success to farms,” says Cooper McDermott, crop protection sales representative for Syngenta. “At the end of the day, our goal is the same: to drive potential return on investment for growers.”

To achieve this goal, New Century FS works directly with growers to learn their operations and discover their agronomic challenges. Then, Syngenta and New Century FS collaborate to deliver tailored solutions for growers.

Syngenta has always been a great partner for us. Its representatives make it easy for us and provide us with solutions that deliver value — that’s what has kept us as long-term partners.

Howard Noel
Seed Specialist
New Century FS
“Their knowledge of the local farmer community is much more in-depth than what we have,” says Scott DeSotel, Syngenta district manager for eastern Iowa. “By creating a customized business plan for New Century FS, we give them in-depth knowledge of the products their customers need, which they layer with their local expertise to help drive maximum benefit to their farmers.”

Patrick Killelea, retail sales representative for Syngenta, echoes that reaching growers through New Century FS leads to an enhanced experience for all.

“The crop specialists at New Century FS own the relationships with farmers, and they are great at what they do,” Killelea says. “There is a strong trust and accountability factor between them. We solidify the experience by providing a unique offering based on our diverse portfolio.”


Relationship building and dedicated customer service also play a vital role in this longstanding partnership. McDermott, a May 2020 college graduate, has discovered a lot in his first months on the job, but he says listening to and learning from the customer are crucial.

“The more you know about their business and their growers, the easier it is to provide support on our end,” McDermott says.

Strong teamwork and communication on the Syngenta side also help provide a seamless customer service experience for New Century FS. As DeSotel says, “The relationship is bigger than any individual.”

Howard Noel, seed specialist for New Century FS, says that the service and support provided by the Syngenta team are huge value-adds.

“Syngenta has always been a great partner for us,” Noel says. “Its representatives make it easy for us and provide us with solutions that deliver value — that’s what has kept us as long-term partners.”


The final building block of the Syngenta-New Century FS partnership comes down to the proven performance of Syngenta products.

“Growers want a return on investment, especially in today’s times,” Noel says. “We’ve partnered with Syngenta because we feel that its products are top-notch.”

The yield results New Century FS customers experienced with Syngenta Seedcare products, such as CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® insecticide/fungicide seed treatment and Saltro® fungicide seed treatment, motivated the retailer to choose Syngenta as its exclusive seed treatment provider.

“We tried selling competitive seed treatments, but our growers didn’t have success with them,” Noel says. “Syngenta really stepped up for us, and so did its products. Without a doubt, CruiserMaxx Vibrance and Saltro helped our growers get off to a better start with fewer worries about early-season pests.”

According to Noel, The Seedcare Institute is another element that sets Syngenta apart from competitors. The Seedcare Institute, located in Stanton, Minnesota, provides training for proper equipment utilization, develops grower-focused technologies and implements studies that compare product performance.

“The Seedcare Institute provides us with data and support that clearly demonstrate value to the grower and to us,” Noel says. “It confirms why we partner with Syngenta.”

Stronger Together

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Syngenta-New Century FS partnership remains stronger than ever.

“Just like the field of agriculture in general, things are always changing, and you have to adapt,” McDermott says. “No matter what happens, agriculture is going to push forward. It’s not a matter of if, but how.”

Syngenta and New Century FS remain resolute in their commitment to work together to help growers figure out the best “how.”