Terry Pille: Pillar of the Community

From grower to seller, this Golden Harvest sales representative has dedicated his life to the ag industry.
Terry Pille
The agriculture industry draws its strength from the communities that nurture its growth. The individuals within these communities constantly work together to achieve the best results possible. It’s a hard fought battle that often brings out the best in people: Strangers become friends. Neighbors become family.

For more than 40 years, Terry Pille’s community shaped his life and career. A pillar of the community, he woke up every day and tended the land like his father and grandfather had done before him. He met his wife and raised two children in his community. And through his experiences, he learned about the world and those in it.

From Buyer to Seller

In 2005, Pille decided he needed a new challenge, a new adventure. But he couldn’t bear to lose the foundation on which his whole life was built. Reflecting back on his years of experience, Pille identified a company he’d turned to time and time again.

“I had grown Golden Harvest® seeds, and I planted about 50 percent to 75 percent of Golden Harvest products on my farm throughout the years,” Pille says. “I was familiar with the brand, and I was familiar with what was going on at Syngenta.”

At the age of 50, Pille chose a new career with Syngenta. This life-changing decision made sense because of his four-decades-long ties to his community.

“I was hired to cover this district with no sales experience,” Pille says. “But I had a lot of community experience, and I knew half the dealers I was going to manage.”

Trusted Consultant

“I want to be a consultant who’s reliable and honest and who has enough integrity to say if a product isn’t right for you.”

Terry Pille
Thirteen years later, Pille is now a Golden Harvest sales representative in central Illinois. His days are filled with meetings, trainings and conversations about how to make each season better than the last. He isn’t focused on being a sales representative in the most literal sense. He says the products will sell themselves if they are worthy; and he firmly believes that his job is to lead by example and, more importantly, to be honest with those who rely on him.

“I think that’s probably the biggest part of our job: to have those relationships and those connections,” Pille says. “I want to be a consultant who’s reliable and honest and who has enough integrity to say if a product isn’t right for you.”

Looking forward, Pille says he will continue to serve his community anyway he can. He has committed his whole life to agriculture, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

“What you’ve done and where you’re from complement what you do next,” Pille explains. “My roots have always been in agriculture, working with the people who work the land.”