Featured This Month

Tips for Successful Succession Planning on the Farm

ag community

Open communication and early planning help reduce stress when passing on the farm.

Turning the Page

farm production

As the print edition of Thrive magazine sunsets, a digital transformation of the publication is on the horizon.

Keep an Eye on Fixed Costs on the Farm

farm production

Stay focused with these three strategies as production costs increase.

How Growers Can Use Crop Inputs to Maximize Product Performance

research & development

Farmers can manage elements of the crop environment to get the highest performance from crop protection products.

Special Features

Syngenta Partners with FFA to Award Students With Scholarships

ag community

Six students pursuing agriculture studies received academic scholarships.

Urban Students Prepare for Careers in Agriculture

ag community

An agricultural high school in Chicago equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

Minority Growers Contend With Special Challenges

ag community

Two minority farmers share the trials and triumphs of continuing their family farming legacies.

Military Veterans Make Successful Transitions to Careers in Agriculture

ag community

Military veterans are an excellent fit for agriculture, and the number of programs to help them transition to ag careers is growing.