Featured This Month

It Takes a Village

ag community

The U.S. ag community supports a young girl who is fighting leukemia half a world away.

Plan Programs to Help Fight Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

farm production

Managing herbicide-resistant weeds in corn requires a multifaceted approach.

What’s the Deal With Cost Per Bushel?

farm production

Growers can unlock marketing insights comparing cost per bushel and cost per acre in their fields.

Understanding Grower Needs

ag community

A retailer partnership with Syngenta delivers local data and service to add value for Illinois farmers.

Special Features

Plant Health for Permanent Crops

research & development

Fungicides help improve plant health in permanent crops for the long term.

2021 #RootedinAg Winner Honors his Grandfather

ag community

The 2021 #RootedinAg Contest winner’s grandpa shared his knowledge and passion, inspiring a love of farming.