Featured This Month

Root Out Pathogens

farm production

Sample soil for Phytophthora root rot before tree health and yield potential deteriorate.

Got Soybean Oil?

farm production

A surge in soybean oil used as biofuel may be helping drive prices to a historic high.

Ask the Experts: Defend Your Yield from Southern Rust

farm production

Experts from two different regions explain how a few key strategies can help growers protect their yields from Southern rust in corn.

Identify and Treat Tar Spot Using These Tips

farm production

Growers can get a jump on tar spot with these scouting and treatment tips.

Special Features

Head of US Crop Protection Field Development Named Purdue University Distinguished Agriculture Alumnus


Gordon Vail received recognition for his many contributions to Syngenta and continued involvement with Purdue over his 28-year career.

Unpacking the Farm Bill’s Funding Areas

public policy

A breakdown of spending in the 2018 Farm Bill, including support for ag and food security.

It Takes a Village

ag community

The U.S. ag community supports a young girl who is fighting leukemia half a world away.

2021 #RootedinAg Winner Honors his Grandfather

ag community

The 2021 #RootedinAg Contest winner’s grandpa shared his knowledge and passion, inspiring a love of farming.