Featured This Month

Meeting Agricultural Challenges Together

farm production

Syngenta is focused on helping farmers reduce risk.

Biological Pest Control Shows Great Promise

research & development

Five companies are bringing new sustainable pest control technologies to market to help satisfy consumer preferences.

Shielding Seed Early May Pay Dividends Later

farm production

Two experts offer guidance to growers and retailers on choosing, applying and stewarding yield-protecting seed treatments.

Finding a Better Regulatory Balance

public policy

The federal consultation process for registering pesticides needs repair.

Digital Imagery Puts Retailers and Growers a Step Ahead

farm production

Retailers can use FarmShots, a powerful imaging technology, to make effective, up-to-the-minute field recommendations for growers.

Teamwork Provides a Firm Foundation for Success

ag community

Retailer New Century FS and Syngenta work together to drive potential return on investment for growers.

Special Features

Thrive TV Returns to the Small Screen

news & events

Thrive TV reporter takes viewers behind the scenes for a closer look at agriculture.

Submit Your Ag Story for a Chance to Appear on “FarmHer on RFD-TV”

news & events

The show explores the stories of women in ag who contribute to farms, ranches and agribusinesses all over the U.S.