Featured This Month

Focus on the Acre

farm production

Innovative seed, trait and crop protection products help optimize production and increase economic and agronomic sustainability on each acre.

Three Tips to Drive Production During a Crisis

ag community

As the nation’s economy slowed down during the COVID-19 crisis, Syngenta powered forward. Here are three tips to help ag press onward in a crisis.

On Guard Against Citrus Greening

farm production

Two agronomists offer region-specific insights on a disease that strikes fear in Florida and Western U.S. citrus growers.

Stand by Your Seed Treatment

public policy

Proper stewardship and a science-based approach to regulatory approvals are the best defenses against challenges to the use of seed treatments.

Technology Reduces Farm Labor Needs

farm production

As farmers continue to struggle with labor shortages, technology steps in with innovative tools to help bridge the gap.

Success in Ag Depends on the Details

ag community

NK retailer Mark Boshart knows a good partner pays attention to the little things.

Special Features

Despite Pandemic, Ag Export Markets Still Make Major Economic Impact

farm production

This infographic provides an overview of the important role that agricultural exports play in the U.S. economy.

Women in Ag Inspire on "FarmHer on RFD-TV"

ag community

In season four, Syngenta celebrates the next generation of women #RootedinAg.