Acuron Named New Product of the Year

Acuron corn herbicide, Agri Marketing magazine’s new product of the year, will help growers control troublesome weeds.

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Acuron corn herbicide, Agri Marketing's 2015 New Product of the Year, will help growers achieve weed-free cornfields like this one in Clinton, Wisconsin.
Helping farmers control tough and resistant weeds was the motivation behind the development of Acuron® corn herbicide from Syngenta. It’s also a key reason why Agri Marketing magazine named the herbicide its 2015 New Product of the Year.

“This is the 18th anniversary of Agri Marketing’s New Product of the Year award, which is given to a product that benefits the marketplace and growers, making their operations more efficient while improving their bottom lines,” says Lynn Henderson, publisher and editorial director of the magazine.

Infestations of tough broadleaf weeds in corn have increased by 50 percent in the last four years, and farmers across the Midwest are seeking new products for better weed control. With four active
Acuron named new product of the year
ingredients, including the latest technology, bicyclopyrone, and three complementary modes of action, Acuron targets more than 70 broadleaf weeds in corn.

Henderson notes that several years ago, Agri Marketing conducted a survey that showed the ag industry annually launches an average of 7,000 new products, services and major label changes.

“That makes this win for Acuron even more impressive,” he says. “And just as impressive, Syngenta has won the Product of the Year award three times in 12 years: for Callisto® herbicide in 2003, for Avicta® Complete Cotton nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment in 2006 and for Enogen® corn enzyme technology in 2014.”

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