Syngenta Acquire Ag Connections

Syngenta has acquired Ag Connections as a wholly owned subsidiary to provide growers better digital tools in managing farming operations.

Syngenta Aquires Ag Connections
After a 14-year relationship, Syngenta is making Ag Connections a wholly owned subsidiary in order to accelerate growth of digital solutions and enhance whole-farm management.

Ag Connections provides farm management software solutions and works extensively with Syngenta on its AgriEdge Excelsior® program, which integrates products, services, risk management and technology for growers.

The collaboration between Syngenta and Ag Connections remains focused on providing growers better tools within their farming operations to empower confident decision-making. This stronger link will enable more agility and speed in the decision process and provide direct access to resources needed to scale up and meet grower needs. Importantly, the privacy pledges of both Syngenta and Ag Connections remain intact, so growers maintain control of their data.

“The past 14 years speak for themselves in terms of the level of commitment both Syngenta and Ag Connections have shown in meeting growers’ needs and providing them with tools for success,” says Dan Burdett, head of customer marketing at Syngenta. “We have a 96 percent grower retention rate with AgriEdge Excelsior. Now we are in an even better position to strengthen our digital agriculture offerings and serve more growers' needs in an increasingly complex and competitive area of agriculture.”