Identify Field Issues With FarmShots Technology

High-resolution digital satellite imagery will reduce the need for scouting by as much as 90 percent, saving time and increasing accuracy.
FarmShots Technology
Syngenta has announced an addition to its Digital Agriculture Solutions suite of tools. In February, Syngenta acquired FarmShots, a leader in high-resolution satellite and drone imagery analysis. The available imagery will enhance scouting, saving time and increasing accuracy. More importantly, it will empower advisers and growers to take action in the field more quickly and confidently to improve yields, profits and efficiency.

Partnership between @SyngentaUS and Premier Crop Systems delivers productivity #agdata to growers.

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FarmShots, available on all computers, tablets and smartphones, provides exportable data by a seamless integration into Land.db®, the software for growers enrolled in the AgriEdge Excelsior® whole-farm management program. Retailers and advisers will be able to customize FarmShots with unique imagery and insights to help build a trusting relationship with their grower customers.

“At Syngenta, we are commited to becoming the retailers’ digital partner of choice to support growth and innovation in ag,” says Andrew Fisher, digital ag solutions marketing manager. “The addition of FarmShots to our offering gives us another opportunity to demonstrate this commitment.”

For more information, contact your AgriEdge® specialist or Syngenta sales representative.