Syngenta Introduces Root Health Educational Tools

Two new interactive online tools will help growers learn more about the impact soilborne pathogens have on corn, soybeans and wheat.
Syngenta Introduces Root Health Educational Tools
As part of the ongoing commitment to provide customers with the most current technologies and resources, Syngenta Seedcare recently launched two new online tools for customers and growers: the Vibrance Learning Module and the Vibrance Interactive Infographic. Both will help educate users about the impact of soilborne pathogens on root health and crop productivity in corn, soybeans and wheat.

“As a leader in the seed treatment industry, we believe it’s important to provide growers and retailers with educational tools to help visualize and explain the concept of root health,” says Bev Larson, communications lead at Syngenta. “These user-friendly and informative online learning tools provide information about how to effectively manage crops for optimal root health and protect against diseases to achieve higher, more consistent yields,”

The learning module takes participants through a series of sections, including an in-depth look at the importance of root health, disease protection and the benefits of Vibrance® brand fungicide seed treatments. Participants are eligible to receive CEU credit for completion. The interactive infographic visually leads users through young corn, soybean and wheat crops, demonstrating the impact of Rhizoctonia, as well as the Rooting Power benefits of Vibrance brand seed treatments across crops.

For more information, contact Bev Larson.