Seeing is Believing

Syngenta Grow More Experience Sites will expand to more locations this year, showcasing products, technologies and best agronomic practices.
Harvest Chasers Are Back
Syngenta Agronomic Service Representative Randy Kool discusses soybean production best practices at a 2014 Grow More Experience Site in Carroll, Iowa.
The number of Syngenta Grow More Experience Sites, which include locations across the U.S. and Canada, will more than double in 2015. These sites are giving growers and the company’s channel partners a chance to see and experience the latest Syngenta innovations firsthand.

"Our goal for the Grow More Experience Sites is two-fold,” says Mike Moss, Ph.D., head of technical development at Syngenta. “First, we want to highlight innovations that will enhance grower productivity, one of our core commitments in The Good Growth Plan. And second, the experience at the sites, with our technologies and associated agronomic practices, will give growers and our channel partners the understanding of how to use these exciting technologies to maximize yield."

Syngenta designed each site with the local growing conditions in mind. As a result, visitors will have a front-row seat to trials and discussions that are locally relevant and that showcase how to best use Syngenta products and technologies.

For more information, please contact your Syngenta agronomist or sales representative.