Growing a Strong Workforce

Embracing diversity and inclusion helps drive success.
Growing a Strong Workforce
Sometimes, the right thing to do is also a best business practice. That’s the case when it comes to diversity and inclusion. These two related concepts have become strategic imperatives in today’s corporate landscape, making the businesses that embrace them stronger as a result.

Syngenta is no different. Here, diversity—meaning the numerical representation of different societal groups, which might be identified by characteristics, such as gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation—is a core value. Bringing in the skills and perspectives of diverse employees helps the company innovate and thrive.

While diversity can be measured quantitatively, the concept of inclusion is strictly qualitative, referring to the ways employees interact with and treat each other. It’s really about the company culture, rather than a program with defined steps or targets. Inclusion benefits the company and individual employees too: Research suggests that companies with more inclusive work environments have higher rates of employee retention.

At Syngenta, a robust training program for all managers helps diversity and inclusion remain top priorities across the company. Among the goals of the program is helping managers recognize their unconscious biases, so that when they recruit and promote, their focus is solely on the skills and experience of the person being considered.

Having policies and training around diversity and inclusion are just the first steps; it’s people who make them succeed. Click below to learn about some of the people who bring these policies to life throughout Syngenta.

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