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A Look at the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

President Biden’s initiative offers potential — if agriculture is a priority.

Summer 2022

EPA Deliberates the Fate of Atrazine

Proposed label changes could be costly for farmers, who face increasing weed resistance pressure.

Unpacking the Farm Bill’s Funding Areas

A breakdown of spending in the 2018 Farm Bill, including support for ag and food security.

Spring 2022

Today's Ag Policy Agenda

Key regulation impacts Freedom to Operate and the future of U.S. agriculture.

Winter 2021

Top Ag Export Market Under Threat

Policy shifts in Mexico signal deep decreases in ag trade with the U.S.

Advocating for Better Rural Broadband

About 20 million rural Americans still don’t have access to high-speed internet.

Summer 2021

EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy Misses Mark

The Farm to Fork Strategy proposal strives to decrease pesticide use, but instead increases agricultural land use and hunger in U.S. and abroad.

Spring 2021

The New Rules of Products Containing Dicamba Herbicide

Legislators and regulators, supporting scientifically sound policy, will keep these valuable products available to growers — with a few changes.

Fall 2020

Finding a Better Regulatory Balance

The federal consultation process for registering pesticides needs repair.

Summer 2020

Stand by Your Seed Treatment

Proper stewardship and a science-based approach to regulatory approvals are the best defenses against challenges to the use of seed treatments.

Spring 2020

Workshop Trains Leaders How to Speak Up for Agriculture

During a time when agriculture needs as many voices as possible, the Leadership At Its Best program is helping develop the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Winter 2020

Transportation Reform Is Mission Critical

Moving products to and from farms is essential to the ag industry, which is why current regulations need clarification and flexibility.

Fall 2019

A Sustainable Future for Agriculture

Syngenta has developed a far-reaching strategy to help farmers meet production challenges and adapt to shifting consumer expectations.

Summer 2019

Biotechnology Is Essential to Ag’s Future

New traits developed with biotech, which can boost agricultural production, require timely, scientific-based regulatory evaluations.

Spring 2019

Strong Relationships in Ag Lead to a Brighter Future

Syngenta builds relationships with policymakers to advocate for agriculture.

Syngenta Helps Find a Better Way Forward for Conservation

Two ongoing pilot projects seek to show that environmental protection and pesticide regulation don't have to conflict.

Winter 2019

Maximum Residue Levels Are Important

When countries set different maximum residue levels, those regulations can impact access to export markets and new crop-protection technologies.

Fall 2018

The Ag Community Advocates for Ethanol

Syngenta and its industry partners are working to protect the future of ethanol, which has been a major success for agriculture—and for society as a whole.

Summer 2018

Broadband Internet in Rural Areas Is Essential

As farming moves rapidly into the digital age, the need for faster, more reliable broadband access in rural areas grows.

Spring 2018

Public-Private Partnerships Offer a New Model for Conservation

A new model for conservation programs could greatly expand their ability to protect natural resources.

Winter 2018

Breaking Down Trade Barriers

Syngenta and its association partners are focused on maximizing the trade opportunities for U.S. crops worldwide.

Counterfeit Agricultural Products Pose Threats to Profits and Safety

The counterfeiting of agricultural products and similar intellectual property infringements pose serious risks worldwide.

Building Awareness of Counterfeit Agricultural Products

The Syngenta Detect and Report Program educates sales teams and growers to recognize possible intellectual property infringements.

Fall 2017

Crop Insurance Is Essential to Managing Risk

Crop insurance, growers’ most important risk-management tool, faces threats in the new budget.

Summer 2017

Ag Groups Defend Funding for the 2018 Farm Bill

The political and economic environment is unsettled, as work begins on the 2018 Farm Bill.

Spring 2017

Policy Change Comes to Washington

The Trump administration may embrace a range of policies that will have far-reaching effects on the ag industry.

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