Getting a Head Start on Head Scab

Getting a Head Start on Head Scab
Miravis Ace fungicide gives wheat growers a head start on head scab so they can produce a healthier crop with higher yield potential, like this wheat growing in Manitoba, Canada.
Wheat growers are all too familiar with the stress of managing Fusarium head blight or head scab. Narrow application windows, booked applicators and unpredictable weather delays can make it challenging to effectively protect wheat from this disease.

The key to easing that stress is extended residual control. With Miravis® Ace fungicide, growers can now treat head scab earlier — as early as 50% head emergence up to flowering1 — and see the benefit longer.

Averaging 12 bushels per acre more yield over untreated,2 Miravis Ace delivers extended residual control and superior head scab protection. Plus, trials show that Miravis Ace helps reduce the incidence of deoxynivalenol (DON), a mycotoxin that can negatively impact grain quality at harvest.

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The key to easing the stress of managing Fusarium head blight or head scab is extended residual control. #fungicide

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1The optimal timing for maximum yield and DON level reduction is still full-head emergence to full flowering.  
2Data from 22 trials in IL, MN, MO, OH, SD, WI; 2018–2019.