Minecto Pro Approved for California Use

The Syngenta insecticide controls a broad range of lepidopteran and sucking insect pests in specialty and vegetable crops.
Minecto Pro
Almonds flourish in Woodland, California.
The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has approved Minecto® Pro insecticide from Syngenta for use in specialty and vegetable crops to control difficult-to-manage pests, including thrips, mites, worms, psyllids and whiteflies.

Minecto Pro combines cyantraniliprole, a second-generation diamide that provides a broader spectrum of control, and abamectin, the global standard for mite control, into one convenient premix formulation. Its complementary modes of action broaden the activity spectrum compared with other stand-alone products. While new products in many markets target a narrow pest spectrum, Minecto Pro is specifically formulated to provide superior control of a broad range of lepidopteran and sucking insect pests.