See Superior Yield Results With Miravis Neo

Growers increase corn and soybean yields with better disease control and plant-health benefits from Miravis Neo fungicide.
See Superior Yield Results With Miravis Neo
Compared with competitive brands, Miravis Neo delivered visually superior results in this 2019 Grinnell, Iowa, field.
In 2019, unpredictable weather forced growers to defend yield with proactive disease control. Performance results from Syngenta field trials suggest Miravis® Neo fungicide helped maximize corn and soybean yield and return on investment potential, despite the challenging environment. As growers debate fungicide options for the seasons to come, 2019 results and feedback from growers and retailers can ease the decision-making process.
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“Weather was a huge obstacle for our growers last year,” says Griffin Schaub, a Prinsburg Farmers Co-op sales agronomist based in Prinsburg, Minnesota. “There was a portion of time in August that was wet and cool, which made the white mold in soybeans go nuts. It was a struggle, but the growers who used Miravis Neo saw good results.”

Miravis Neo Performance Speaks for Itself

Formulated with three separate modes of action, including a powerful SDHI, Miravis Neo helps defend yield potential and delivers visibly improved broad-spectrum disease control for corn and soybeans. Miravis Neo offers superior control of the most damaging corn diseases, such as gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight, tar spot and rusts. In soybeans, it offers growers an additional tool for white mold, strobilurin-resistant and susceptible frogeye leaf spot, and brown spot. In addition to disease control, Miravis Neo delivers plant-health benefits from two separate active ingredients to help crops reach full yield potential.

Across 67 trials in the Midwest, corn treated with Miravis Neo delivered an average 11 bushel-per-acre yield increase compared with untreated corn.1

When compared with an untreated check, soybean trial results2 from Princeville, Illinois, demonstrated:
  • 28% increase in pod weight
  • 22% increase in number of pods per plant
  • 18% increase in 100-seed weight

If somebody asked me if you can see the results with Miravis Neo, you definitely can. From what I've seen, you have no issues finding it. You can see it from the road in your truck cab.

Griffin Schaub
Sales Agronomist
Prinsburg Farmers Co-op
Prinsburg, Minnesota
First-Hand Results

Growers and retailers credit Miravis Neo with helping crops outlast a tough 2019.

“The greenness and longevity of living — I would say that stuck out the most about Miravis Neo,” says Jim Legge, a Garner, Iowa, grower and applicator. “We had so much rain in the beginning of the year that we didn't have deep roots, and then we got dry at the end of the season. I think Miravis Neo kept our plants alive so much longer that it provided a longer growing season for better pod fill.”

Many growers and retailers report visible differences that were easy to see when comparing Miravis Neo with untreated acres and fields treated with competitive brands.

“You could see a difference about two days after Miravis Neo was sprayed, and you could continue to see it for about two and a half to three weeks,” Legge says about soybeans. “Satellite image-wise, I could see it all the way through harvest; and then I could also see it on yield maps. On average, where Miravis Neo was applied, we were sitting at about the 64- to 72-bushel-per-acre range. It was in the 50s where the competitor was applied.”

Wade Eischens, an AGPlus Cooperative agronomy location manager in Hendricks, Minnesota, says there was a visible difference in fields sprayed with Miravis Neo in his area as well.

“I am currently recommending Miravis Neo around the area, especially on soybeans due to the high probability of disease presence and our strong potential for white mold,” he says. “Miravis Neo had longer control and picked up the white mold better than previous products we’ve tried. There were fields where you could see right to the line where soybeans were treated versus untreated.”

Across the Midwest, Syngenta customers saw consistent results that helped them trust Miravis Neo, Schaub says. “It has brought an extra element out to the farm that gives us trust in the product’s flexibility and performance,” he says. “If somebody asked me if you can see the results with Miravis Neo, you definitely can. From what I've seen, you have no issues finding it. You can see it from the road in your truck cab.”

1Average of 67 trials in the Midwest applied at VT/R1, 2018-2019.
2Syngenta field trials, Princeville, Ill. Miravis Neo applied at R3 at 13.7 oz/A, 2019