Trebuset Cereals Seed Treatment Is Now Available

Trebuset® seed treatment is now available in custom blends to protect cereal crops.
Trebuset Cereals Seed Treatment Is Now Available
Trebuset seed treatment brings a higher level of early-season control of tan spot and powdery mildew while also managing seed rot and seedling blight in spring wheat, durum wheat, barley, rye, oats and triticale crops across the U.S.
The new products deliver strong early-season control of key cereal diseases, guarding roots to help deliver a strong stand with high seedling vigor.

Trebuset contains Adepidyn® technology and is active against soilborne Fusarium, tan spot and powdery mildew. This provides growers with a new mode of action against Fusarium, and the unique chemistry allows for greater movement into the seed coat for lengthier control under heavy pressure. As Trebuset moves through the soil protecting developing roots, it promotes early-season stand establishment and enhanced yield potential. Farmers could also see lower dust-off and improved flow at planting. For more information about Trebuset, speak with your Syngenta representative or your local seed treater or visit

Strong standing. High seedling vigor. Learn more about Trebuset® #seedtreatment now available.

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