2019 Soybean Disease Outlook: Prepare for Higher Disease Severity and Resistance

High-performance fungicide helps soybean growers manage diseases under the toughest conditions.
2019 Soybean Disease Outlook: Prepare for Higher Disease Severity and Resistance
Miravis Top offers better control of more diseases than older fungicides.
Soybean acres are expected to be down this year, but that doesn’t mean diseases will follow suit. In fact, diseases like frogeye leaf spot, target spot and others are showing up in more and more fields in the U.S., threatening yield and return on investment (ROI) potential.
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On the Move

Historically, frogeye leaf spot has been the most widespread disease threat for soybeans and has continued to increase in severity with a growing number of acres impacted by strobilurin-resistant strains. Soybean producers across the South and even in southern parts of Illinois and Indiana have battled this disease.

Beyond frogeye leaf spot, other diseases have begun to take a bite out of soybean yields. Plant pathologists at the University of Arkansas Extension say that in 2016, target spot caused an average yield loss of 15 to 20 bushels per acre (bu/A) in the state, which usually doesn’t experience severe outbreaks of the disease.

Mississippi also had an unuslly high level of target spot in 2016, so high that University of Mississippi Extension plant pathologists went as far as to call it a “severe target spot epidemic.”

With damaging diseases continuing to spread and increase in severity, soybean growers need a fungicide that can defend yield potential from the growing number of disease threats their soybeans face.

Confident Control

The toughest disease and weather conditions require a field-tested solution. For the first time this season, growers can depend on Miravis® Top fungicide, a combination of difenoconazole and Adepidyn® fungicide—the first SDHI to offer plant-health benefits and disease control for soybeans. Whether strobilurin-resistant and/or susceptible frogeye leaf spot, target spot, Septoria brown spot or other diseases are present, Miravis Top has what it takes to defend soybeans.

“Many times, new diseases or the development of fungicide-resistant pathogens can catch growers off-guard,” says Eric Tedford, Ph.D., fungicide technical product lead at Syngenta. “Soybean growers need a fungicide like Miravis Top that can control the predictable disease threats as well as those they have never seen.”

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The Unique Combination of Miravis Top

Miravis Top helps growers take control of the toughest diseases with two powerful components. Adepidyn fungicide delivers one of the highest-performing SDHI modes of action available and provides higher intrinsic activity than the SDHI modes of action found in older fungicides. This intrinsic activity translates to more powerful disease control, for longer, on a broader spectrum of diseases.

“Many times, new diseases or resistance can catch growers off-guard. Soybean growers need a fungicide that can control the predictable disease threats as well as those they have never seen.”

Eric Tedford
In addition to excellent disease control, Adepidyn fungicide also improves upon the plant-health benefits growers have come to expect from their fungicide.

“The custom solution of difenoconazole and Adepidyn fungicide allows growers to stay ahead of resistance while fighting a variety of key soybean diseases, which is exactly what growers need in order to maximize yield and ROI potential,” says Tedford.

Keeping Growers in the Driver’s Seat

Knowing soybean acres will likely be down and disease severity and resistance are on the rise, growers need custom tools with more power and stamina to control a broader spectrum of diseases and unleash the upside yield potential of their soybeans. As demonstrated in the trial below, Miravis Top outyields untreated soybeans and older fungicide treatments, even under heavy frogeye leaf spot pressure and challenging growing conditions.

Diseases present: frogeye leaf spot. Syngenta replicated trials. Two trial summary. NK® S48R2X. Application timing: R3. Metcalfe, Mississippi 2018.

“By providing hard-hitting disease control and plant-health benefits, Miravis Top helps protect soybeans during the critical growth period through harvest, allowing for improved yield and ROI potential,” says Tedford.