Agriedge Excelsior Excels

The Syngenta whole-farm management program combines secure data management, cutting-edge product choices and reliable on-farm service.

The Land.db program provides important insights and data management.
The Land.db program provides important insights and data management.
AgriEdge Excelsior®, the Syngenta whole-farm management program, helps simplify the complexities of modern farming. It combines secure data management across digital platforms with innovative product choices and trusted on-farm service.

With a growing customer base across 14 million acres and a customer retention rate greater than 90 percent, AgriEdge Excelsior continues to deliver outstanding value to growers seeking to enhance the way they manage their farms through digital technology and services. It also provides complementary technology and services that help retailers bring additional value to growers.

“AgriEdge Excelsior has proven to be a great collaboration tool for retailers because it supports their precision ag services,” says National AgriEdge Lead Steve Gomme. “Our team of more than 45 AgriEdge Specialists across 48 states is excited to continue collaborating with retailers and growers to meet the agronomic and business needs of farming now and into the future.”