Honoring Data Privacy

Syngenta is committed to privacy and has safeguards in place that put growers in control of their data.

Aaron Deardorff
Aaron Deardorff
Like many Americans, growers are concerned about data accuracy, ownership and privacy. The success of the AgriEdge Excelsior® program from Syngenta, which offers data-rich, whole-farm management and solutions, hinges on addressing these concerns and keeping growers at the forefront of all conversations.

“We have safeguards in place to help make sure growers know who has access to their data, where their data is going and how it is being used,” says Aaron Deardorff, head of marketing to settlement at Syngenta.

Since 2002, the Syngenta data privacy policy has protected and kept confidential any grower information the company obtains. All AgriEdge Excelsior grower data flows through an independent software provider. As governed by its contractual agreement with participating growers, Syngenta only has direct access to AgriEdge Excelsior grower data to pass along financial rewards related to its products used through the program. Growers have the opportunity to provide more detailed information to Syngenta or any third party, but only after they give written consent.

“For almost 15 years, growers have used AgriEdge Excelsior and the data it generates to help manage their farms more efficiently and profitably,” says Deardorff. “Nearly all of them choose to stay enrolled in the program, which indicates its value.”