Syngenta Is Committed to Building Long-Term Business Relationships

To prescribe the best crop solutions, Syngenta focuses on generating field force excellence and earning sustained partnerships.

Gil Strader
Gil Strader understands the importance of listening to Syngenta customers to better meet their needs.
As the dawn of a new year breaks, agricultural communities across the country are reinvigorated with hope. Despite the distraction of mergers, acquisitions and other shifting market dynamics, the spirit of the American farmer rises above the noise and holds firm to the belief that today will shine brighter than yesterday and tomorrow’s potential is limitless.

This never-give-up optimism that’s so prevalent among the men and women of agriculture is what motivates Syngenta to offer you our best—starting with our people. We understand that to effectively meet your unique needs, we must “walk in your boots” and see firsthand the challenges you and your customers face.

Our local sales representatives, who call your communities home, have that vantage point. To transform their seeing into your believing in them, Syngenta realizes it takes more than offering a diverse line of innovative products. It also requires in-depth knowledge of those brands, so reps can recommend the right solution on the right acre, with the end goal of maximizing a grower’s return on investment. Our regional training experts work with agronomy and technical specialists to provide reps with the ongoing foundational support they need to do just that.

“We understand that to effectively meet your unique needs, we must ‘walk in your boots’ and see firsthand the challenges you and your customers face.”

Gil Strader
As articles on this website reflect, we weave our commitment to develop sustained partnerships built on trust into the fabric of everything we do. In one article, a retailer credits his Syngenta rep with helping him save a grower’s field from an unexpected waterhemp outbreak. The rep’s quick, insightful advice is something, the retailer says, he’d never get from generic competitors. Another article tells the story of a 28-year-old Syngenta internship program that provides a much-needed service to growers, while preparing entry-level job candidates for positions at area agribusinesses. Other Syngenta partnerships featured in Thrive include alliances with industry associations to better market U.S. commodities globally, a joint effort with Discovery Education to help FFA students explore careers in ag and collaborations with regional pest experts to anticipate threats before they damage crops.

To prescribe the best crop solutions,@SyngentaUS focuses on customer relationships. #ag

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Like every year before it, 2018 marks a new beginning for agriculture. Because Syngenta is dedicated to lifelong learning, we’ll take the lessons from our past and combine them with today’s opportunities to create a better, more vibrant tomorrow. After all, you deserve nothing less than our best.