NK Seeds: A Legacy of Innovation

The Syngenta seed brand leads the way in seed selection.
NK Seeds: A Legacy of Innovation
Matt Dolch (left), Syngenta district manager for the western Corn Belt and NK retail channel, and Mike Egger (right), master seed advisor at Central Valley Ag Cooperative in Nebraska, work together to make sure area growers have access to the seed technologies they need.
Since its establishment in 1884, NK® Seeds and its legacy companies have been at the forefront of innovation in the seed industry. Of today’s operating seed companies, NK was the first to sell “seed corn.” Later, it became one of the first to create a formal seed research program. It was also the first private company to develop a soybean variety, and the first to market Bt seed corn.

NK #corn and NK #soybeans lead the way in seeds selection.

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Today, NK is building on that legacy of innovation by offering new and unique solutions that improve the farming experience. The brand’s history drives its efforts to combine cutting-edge product technology and digital tools with personal, knowledgeable service. According to NK Head of Sales Quinn Showalter, the brand is working to provide the kind of service growers and ag retailers haven’t been receiving elsewhere.

“We want to provide our customers with a choice, and we want to do it in a manner that gives them a better overall seed experience,” he says. “We’ve seen a lot of ag retailers support NK lately, and we believe it’s the result of that choice we’re bringing to the marketplace. It’s simple to work with us, and we truly believe in providing technology, genetics and value.”

The Power of Partnerships

Partnerships, like the Ram AgPack initiative, are a key part of the plan to deliver value. This unique collaboration enables eligible buyers of a new Ram truck to receive a rebate on NK hybrids or varieties. Growers may also qualify for a one-year subscription to the AgriEdge® whole-farm management program. The idea behind the Ram AgPack initiative, which also involves other agricultural organizations, is to maximize a grower’s return on investment potential by helping them save money on items they already planned to purchase.

“NK has done a fantastic job putting people on the ground, which allows for more experts in the field for both our employees and our customer base.”

Mike Egger
NK’s artificial intelligence-driven seed selector tool also figures into delivering value to customers. The tool evaluates years of environmental and performance data to help retailers and growers identify the best NK product for their individual fields.

For Mike Egger, master seed advisor at Central Valley Ag Cooperative in York, Nebraska, resources like these give retailers a significant strategic advantage over the competition. “Having those tools at our disposal really allows us to fully invest our efforts in helping our customers with their business decisions,” he says.

Broad Portfolio and Local Support

The brand’s product offerings are another boon for business. NK soybeans are developed from one of the industry’s largest and most diverse germplasm pools. The pool offers varieties for a broad range of soil, weather and other environmental conditions and also offers multiple herbicide trait options.

Meanwhile, Syngenta breeders produce and test more than 1 million corn genotypes every year to find the most effective solutions for the unique needs of each grower and each retailer. The emphasis on personal, dedicated on-the-ground service from NK ensures those solutions don’t go to waste.

“NK has done a fantastic job putting people on the ground, which allows for more experts in the field for both our employees and our customer base,” Egger says. “They’re investing in our company and collaborating with our senior management to help us excel.”

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