Powerful Fungicides Are Available for Specialty and Vegetable Producers

Syngenta has recently added two Adepidyn fungicide formulations to its specialty and vegetable crop portfolio.

Healthy peanuts are harvested in Georgia.
Healthy peanuts are harvested in Georgia.
In vegetable and specialty markets where disease control is critical to both yield and quality, the expanded 2019 Syngenta fungicide roster is especially welcome. Over the past three years, Syngenta has brought numerous formulations to vegetable and specialty crop growers, including Aprovia®, Aprovia Top, Aprovia Ace, Elatus®, Orondis® Gold, Orondis Opti and Orondis Ultra fungicides.

Powerful new Adepidyn fungicide formulations from @SyngentaUS are now available for vegetable and specialty crop producers.

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Most recently, the company added two Adepidyn® fungicide formulations to its specialty and vegetable crop portfolio:

  • Miravis® fungicide—With field trials showing yield increases in peanuts of around 1,000 pounds over competitive spray programs and 2,000 pounds over untreated acres1, Miravis will be a once-in-a-generation breakthrough in peanut leaf spot disease control.

    Bob Kemerait, Ph.D., University of Georgia plant pathologist and extension specialist, explains his excitement about Miravis: “Miravis has two main advantages for peanut growers. First, it provides a new level of excellence for leaf spot control. And second, because it’s so potent, it enables flexibility in spray programs that should reduce the number of sprays and costs required for disease control.”

  • Miravis Prime fungicide— A combination of fludioxonil and Adepidyn fungicides, Miravis Prime
    Grapes grow in a California vineyard.
    will bring new levels of control for economically challenging diseases in several specialty and vegetable crops, including Botrytis in grapes, early blight in potatoes and gummy stem blight in vegetables.

“As we’ve developed the Miravis brands in the U.S., what has stood out in hundreds of trials is how powerfully and consistently they perform, regardless of crop or geography,” says Steve Eury, fungicide product marketing lead at Syngenta. “It’s going to be very satisfying to show our customers what these new products can do for them.”

1 2016 trials, mean of 10 trials across Georgia, Alabama and Florida. The trials included three in-house trials, six university trials and one contract research trial.