Proven Partnerships in Ag

Syngenta works with growers and resellers to meet the needs of a dynamic industry.

Michael Boden
Michael Boden
Few industries experience more unexpected twists and turns than agriculture. Often at the mercy of wayward weather and market conditions, you need someone you can lean on who’s reliable and steady. That someone is usually your trusted reseller who can help you hold on to the reins of your livelihood and move ahead with confidence.

At Syngenta, we understand that you depend on other proven partnerships as well. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked to earn your trust with a diverse, total-acre portfolio backed by exceptional service.

The strong link between what we hear on the farm and what we do in the laboratory helps set Syngenta apart in the marketplace. Always willing to roll up our sleeves and problem-solve with you, we’re passionate about truly listening to the real issues and opportunities in the field, so that our scientists can develop the best solutions with the greatest return on investment.

This website features some of our latest product offerings, including Acuron® herbicide, a highly anticipated weed management tool in corn that debuted commercially last spring and produced outstanding results. Additionally, we’ve included a report on the Syngenta Harvest Chasers and their quest to find the best-performing hybrids and varieties of 2015.

“At Syngenta, our goal is to help you maneuver around the rough patches and resolve the challenges that keep growers up at night.”

Michael Boden

As we stand on the cusp of a new growing season, we also focus our gaze on what lies ahead. In one article, you’ll learn that we plan on launching 16 new products into the U.S. market alone this year. And in another article, Syngenta and retailer experts alike clearly outline the value of investing in branded products, despite predictions of lower commodity prices and tighter margins in 2016.

Like all industries, agriculture is bound to hit a few bumps in the road this year. At Syngenta, our goal is to help you maneuver around the rough patches and resolve the challenges that keep you up at night. After all, supporting you is essential to growing ours. And like your family who relies on you, you can rely on us to help you chart the best course forward.

BIO: Michael Boden became head of U.S. sales at Syngenta in October 2015. An Iowa native and a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in agronomy, he has spent most of his 30-plus-year career at Syngenta and its legacy companies.