Maximize Soybean Yields With an Effective Weed Management Strategy

Incorporating multiple effective sites of action into your herbicide program is the key to keeping weeds at bay.

Resistance Fighter Infographic
A weed invades a field of young soybean plants not treated with an effective herbicide program.
The Resistance Fighter® program from Syngenta can help growers win the war against resistant weeds by providing education, local recommendations and a comprehensive herbicide portfolio.

The infographic linked below illustrates different scenarios—derived from a resistance model developed by Syngenta—in which growers use various herbicide programs year after year. The model shows that programs with fewer sites of action (SOAs) in pre- and post-emergence applications result in herbicide failure after just a few years. But programs that contain overlapping residuals with multiple effective SOAs will provide control for many more years.

View the full infographic to take a closer look at predictions for resistance development and the recommended solutions.