Syngenta Has a Culture of Collaboration

The agribusiness company believes that partnerships are fundamental for innovation.

Jeff Row
Jeff Rowe
Like most of you, I believe that working in agriculture is more than what I do. It’s a big part of who I am. Growing up on my family’s farm in Illinois, I learned at an early age that self-reliance and hard work are the engines that drive success. But I also learned that teamwork and partnership are what it truly takes to sustain that success.

“A we’ll-figure-it-out-together mentality permeates throughout our teams—from our scientists around the world to our sales representatives down the road.”

Jeff Rowe
As the new year begins, these life lessons resonate strongly. Even though technical and regulatory complexities are making the delivery of new products increasingly difficult, the collaborative culture of Syngenta is yielding a continual stream of innovations. A we’ll-figure-it-out-together mentality permeates throughout our teams—from our scientists around the world to our sales representatives down the road.

This website introduces you to some of these people and the solutions they are championing. In one recent article, you’ll meet the experts at the new Syngenta Seedcare Institute, a state-of-the-art research and training facility in Stanton, Minnesota. In another, you’ll go on the road with our Harvest Chasers, who have discovered 2016’s top-performing hybrids and varieties. You’ll also meet growers from across the Corn Belt who are proactively managing weed resistance with some of our newest herbicide technologies.

Teamwork and partnership are key components to success in the #ag industry.

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Of course, resellers play a lead role in placing our innovations on farms, where they can make a real difference. These men and women have the ability to take the complex and make it simple—and the respect it takes to inspire growers to listen. At Syngenta, we, too, are getting back to the basics and renewing our intensity on agronomy, so we can think-like-a-grower and help our partners in the field address some of the most difficult challenges on the farm.

Solving problems together is what we in agriculture do best. Whether you’re a grower or a reseller, you can count on Syngenta to be by your side throughout 2017 and beyond. After all, this industry that we share is the foundation of who Syngenta is today and who we’ll continue to be tomorrow.

About Jeff Rowe
Jeff Rowe joined Syngenta in 2016 as president of the company’s global seeds business and North America region, bringing with him more than 20 years of industry experience. Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, he is responsible for the seeds strategy and execution, and leads the North American business across seeds and crop protection. Rowe holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Iowa State University, a doctorate in law from Drake Law School, and a Global Executive MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business and the London School of Economics. Married with four children, Rowe grew up on an Illinois row-crop and livestock farm.