Syngenta Projects Help Growers Achieve Sustainability Goals

Syngenta is undertaking several projects to help farmers improve sustainability and meet the requirements of food companies.
In North America, Syngenta has launched a series of Sustainable Solutions projects that are helping growers produce more food using fewer resources, while improving the economic and environmental sustainability of their operations. The data that these projects generate are also helping farmers meet the requirements of the food companies that purchase their crops.

The Syngenta Sustainable Solutions team has specialists who provide support to a network of more than 130 farmers across 11 crops, all in an effort to help growers deliver crops—and information regarding how they grow their crops—to the food companies to which they are contracted.

@SyngentaUS launches Sustainable Solutions to help growers produce food more efficiently.

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“The benefits of capturing crop data are two-fold,” says Liz Hunt, sustainable solutions lead for Syngenta in North America. “In addition to supporting a comprehensive crop profile for the food company, farmers can use the data to develop better crop-management protocols that can more efficiently use inputs and resources. That’s good news for farmers—today and tomorrow.”

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