The Core Values of Golden Harvest Seed

Golden Harvest showcases its values through strong genetics, agronomy and service.
The Core Values of Golden Harvest Seed
This healthy young corn plant from a field in Brownton, Minnesota, sprouted from a Golden Harvest hybrid.
“Rooted in Genetics, Agronomy & Service” is more than a brand line—it’s the core value of Golden Harvest. When farmers purchase Golden Harvest® hybrids and varieties, they’re getting more than high quality seed. They’re also gaining access to high-yielding genetics; local, in-depth agronomics; and dedicated Golden Harvest Seed Advisors.

Unique Genetics

Powered by broad genetic diversity, every Golden Harvest hybrid and variety is bred to meet farmers’ local needs.

.@GldnHarvest showcases its values through strong genetics, agronomy and service.

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“We want to give farmers the best chance of reaching their maximum yield potential, so our seeds are bred to perform well, no matter what soils, weather conditions, pests or diseases they encounter,” says Clayton Becker, head of the Golden Harvest West Commercial Unit.

By growing Golden Harvest seed, farmers also gain access to the latest traits and technologies for their corn and soybean crop. The Agrisure® traits portfolio offers exceptional insect control, water optimization and herbicide tolerance in corn. Enogen® corn hybrids help enhance ethanol production, and Enogen Feed corn unlocks the energy potential of feedlot or dairy rations.

“Golden Harvest Seed Advisors care deeply about farmers’ success. Their commitment to serving farmers throughout the season really sets them apart.”

Chad Stone
Golden Harvest also offers farmers trait options with the new Enlist E3 soybean seed, Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield®, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and Liberty Link® soybeans—all available for the 2020 planting season.

Agronomic Expertise

Genetics are only one part of the formula for success. Strong agronomics are, too. As a result of the five-year $400 million-incremental investment in Syngenta seed, Golden Harvest trialing will increase by 33%.

“This investment shows how important strong agronomics are to Golden Harvest,” Becker says. “We’re increasing our R&D initiatives so we can deliver more new products into the hands of farmers.”

While delivering more new products is crucial, understanding how to agronomically manage each unique hybrid is just as important, notes Bruce Battles, seeds agronomy technical manager at Syngenta. One example of how Golden Harvest is increasing its hybrid knowledge is through a three-times increase in seeding rate response trials in 2019 on every hybrid, prior to launching. “This information is critical to developing hybrid-specific seeding rate prescription for our customers,” Battles says.

Farmers will be able to see this investment firsthand at their respective local Agronomy in Action sites. With dozens of locations across the Corn Belt, Agronomy in Action sites bring the agronomics directly to the farmer with corn and soybean demonstrations and opportunities to connect with local agronomists and Seed Advisors.

Personal Service

Seasonal challenges always threaten to rob crops of their maximum yield potential, but today’s farmers don’t have to face these challenges alone. From planting to harvest, Golden Harvest Seed Advisors are dedicated to helping farmers maximize profit potential.

“Our Seed Advisors always put their farmers’ needs first,” says Chad Stone, head of the Golden Harvest East Commercial Unit. “They’re with farmers every step of the way, from planting to harvest. They have the local knowledge and agronomic expertise to help farmers get the most out of every acre.”

Seed Advisors also have access to more than 15 years of environmental and trial data built into Golden Harvest’s exclusive E-Luminate® digital agronomy platform. This powerhouse of data enables Golden Harvest Seed Advisors to more precisely select and place well-suited products for each field to optimize the farmer’s potential return on investment.

“Golden Harvest Seed Advisors care deeply about farmers’ success,” Stone says. “Their commitment to serving farmers throughout the season really sets them apart.”