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University Partnerships (Video)

University scientists discuss their research partnership with Syngenta.

Living on the Edge with Soybean Gall Midge

Growers in West Heartland states learn to scout for this new species.

Rally Against Pesticide Resistance

Experts advocate and educate to prevent resistance and preserve effective chemistry.

Resistance 101: A Crash Course in Resistance Management

It’s a problem that has plagued the ag industry for decades – nearly as long as pesticides have been around.

Winter 2022

Effective Defense Strategies Help Protect Crops Against Corn Rootworm

Collecting intel on corn rootworm is critical to outwit this sly and destructive pest.

Scouting for Pests, Progress and Profit

As pest complexes evolve and new technologies emerge, crop scouts adopt those that benefit farmers.

Fall 2022

Tell Your Sustainability Story

Data plays an important role in sustainability throughout agriculture’s supply chain.

The Future of Plant Breeding

Faster delivery of higher-performing seed varieties is possible with Syngenta Seeds HI-Edit procesFaster delivery of higher-performing seed varieties is possible with Syngenta Seeds HI-Edit process.

Brent Delzer’s Research in Corn Breeding Helped Create HI-Edit

Delzer’s research was foundational to the invention of this genome-editing technique.

Science Supports Sustainability

Syngenta is committed to accelerating innovation for farmers and nature while improving productivity.

Summer 2022

New App Helps Growers Plot Path to Sustainability

This one-of-a-kind tool helps farmers along their journey to improve sustainable operations.

Grow More Experience Sites Go Virtual

Growers now have access to virtual tours that highlight the latest trials, practices and crop management insights.

Weigh the Evidence When Assessing Scientific Claims

Experts share advice on drinking from the information firehouse available to growers.

Spring 2022

The Macro Impact of Microorganisms

Plant viruses require a global effort to minimize their impacts on crop productivity and grower profitability.

Tapping the Wild Side of Wheat

Gene science and predictive breeding accelerate improvements in wheat varieties.

Winter 2021

Testing New Farm Technologies

Project Bin Buster tries out new technologies to help growers make data-based in-season decisions.

Joining Forces Creates Improved Crop Protection for Corn

An agronomic program that leverages traits, insecticides and fungicides creates a profitable synergy in corn production.

Fall 2020

7 Tips to Jump-Start Your Yield Potential

Set your sights on high yields with the decisions made during planning and planting.

In the Pipeline: Innovative Seed Treatment With New Mode of Action Is Coming Soon

A new technology from Syngenta will offer an innovative mode of action to protect against Pythium and Phytophthora.

Biological Pest Control Shows Great Promise

Five companies are bringing new sustainable pest control technologies to market to help satisfy consumer preferences.

Researchers Offer Weed Management Advice for 2021

University agricultural experts from across the U.S. suggest solutions for the toughest weed management challenges farmers face.

Summer 2020

The Future of Corn Is Data-Driven

Syngenta has enhanced its approach to delivering advancements in corn genetics and traits in the face of farmers’ evolving needs.

2020 Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics Winner

A team from Iowa State University has been selected as the winner of the 2020 Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics.

Underwater Discovery Leads to Greater Feed Efficiency

Sourced from the ocean’s thermal vents, Enogen technology is a genetically modified biotech output trait that converts starch to sugar more efficiently.

Spring 2020

Top 10 Tips for Managing Continuous Corn

With a well-thought-out management plan, continuous corn can pay dividends.

Corn on Corn Requires Careful Nitrogen Management

Growers should feed their crops with nitrogen at key points during the season.

Doing More With Less Using Emerging Ag Technologies

New technologies help growers increase yields in difficult environments while preserving natural resources.

Winter 2020

Accelerating Corn Trait Innovation

New corn breeding facility helps Syngenta deliver improved traits faster.

Trait Introgression Helps Bring New Corn Technologies to Market Faster

In developing corn hybrids, Syngenta uses trait introgression to incorporate a desired trait into existing elite germplasm.

Fall 2019

Stop SDS in Its Tracks

Saltro seed treatment is an important new tool to help protect soybeans from the devastating effects of sudden death syndrome.

Seed Treatment Offers SDS Protection Without Stressing Soybean Plants

Saltro fungicide seed treatment provides superior SDS protection without plant stress.

Summer 2019

Scientists Use Innovation to Accelerate Seed Technologies

Syngenta researchers use data analytics and genome editing to make important advances in the company’s seeds portfolio.

Winners of the 2019 Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics Announced

The fourth annual competition showcased analytical models to assess a corn plant’s ability to handle heat and drought.

Robots Make Research More Efficient

Syngenta uses robotics to speed up time-consuming tests, aiding in the development of new products.

Spring 2019

Grow More Experience Sites Serve as Outdoor Classrooms

The demonstration sites are living, local laboratories, filled with a wide variety of crops, technical experts and product trials.

Agronomy in Action Sites Highlight Seed Performance

The demonstration sites showcase Golden Harvest soybean and corn seed options.

Stewardship Strategies Help Manage Resistance

As herbicide resistance spreads, Syngenta offers timely advice and new solutions to help keep tried-and-true tools viable.

AgriClime Creates Confidence to Invest in a Better Crop

Participants can receive up to 30 percent cash back on qualifying Syngenta products, if certain weather thresholds are not met during the offer period.

Winter 2019

Syngenta Is Committed to Developing High-Quality Wheat Varieties

The AgriPro brand wheat breeding program is helping growers and resellers meet the overall market demands for this crop.

AgriPro Delivers Wheat Varieties Tailored to Local Conditions

As a result of a rigorous and localized research process, the AgriPro brand wheat portfolio enjoys the No. 1 position in the U.S. wheat seed market.

Syngenta Spurs Innovation by Supporting Ag Startups

By nurturing ag startups, Syngenta Ventures is helping to foster improved agronomic practices in the coming decade.

Fall 2018

The Syngenta Seedcare Institute Focuses on Quality and Support

This state-of-the-art facility drives value for customers by focusing on products, application and service.

The Right Seed Treatment Can Greatly Impact Crop Productivity

To maximize yield potential, it’s more important than ever for growers to know what’s in the seed treatments that protect their seeds.

Summer 2018

Syngenta Seed Program Weathers Storm in Puerto Rico

Not even Hurricane Maria could stop the Syngenta Seeds R&D engine.

Targeting Yield and Quality

CRISPR-Cas has the potential to make the seed breeding process more efficient, less time consuming and potentially subject to less regulation.

The Future of Wheat Hybrids

Hybrid wheat is expected to offer higher yield potential and more efficient use of resources.

NK Seeds Accelerates Innovation

Developed with cutting-edge technology and using award-winning data analytics, NK corn and soybeans are on the forefront of innovation.

Golden Harvest Strengthens Its Roots

Golden Harvest continues to deliver leading genetics, agronomy insights and service to farmers across the Corn Belt.

Syngenta Helps Bees in Puerto Rico in Aftermath of Storm

For the pollinators that had lost their food and forage sources, help came in the form of pollen-replacing protein patties and beehives.

Spring 2018

Grow More Experience Sites Highlight Effective Production Solutions

Demonstrations and trials combine the latest technologies with local agronomic expertise to help customers improve farm management.

Winter 2018

An Integrated Strategy Helps Counter Weed Resistance

The right mix of old and new technologies is key to combatting the development of weed resistance and preserving the tools growers need.

Resistance Fighter Promotes Sustained Herbicide Performance

Since the 1990s, the Resistance Fighter program has been raising awareness of the weed resistance issue and leading the way in fighting measure to combat it.

Force Insecticide Reformulated

Based on growers’ feedback, an improvement to Force liquid insecticide will provide corn rootworm control with added convenience.

Fall 2017

Watermelon Breeder Sees Huge Opportunities

A Syngenta watermelon breeder reflects on past accomplishments and looks forward to further innovations.

Solutions for Sustainability Infographic

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions works directly with growers and food companies to help them share their stories of sustainable farming.

Watermelon Breeding Program Transforms the Market

A dedicated team at Syngenta understands the needs of the watermelon market and delivers winner after delicious winner.

New Research Outlet Takes Unconventional Approach to Ag Challenges

Syngenta establishes a unique research and development outlet to help generate data-driven ag solutions.

Summer 2017

Crop Protection Pipeline Will Deliver Many Innovations

Syngenta researchers are developing targeted, blockbuster technologies for the crop protection pipeline.

New Technology Will Merge Farm-Management Data

A collaborative project promises to remove the language barrier among different data systems on farms.

The Evolution of Agrisure Trait Technology

The Agrisure traits portfolio is the result of a strong commitment by Syngenta to its research and development program.

Double-Haploid Induction Speeds Up Plant-Breeding Process

Syngenta scientists have identified the genetic source of haploid induction, a process that greatly speeds up plant breeding.

Syngenta Research Is the Engine of Innovation

Scientific advances are providing powerful new technologies to help in the quest to feed the world’s growing population.

Data Analytics Can Help Boost Genetic Gain

Syngenta is using data analytics techniques and expertise from other industries to achieve higher yields faster.

The Future of Seed Trait Technology Takes Shape

Innovative research and new technologies are expanding the Agrisure portfolio, providing potent solutions to many production challenges.

Spring 2017

A Look Ahead: Agriculture in 2050

What will agriculture look like at the century’s midpoint? Based on current trends, experts are anticipating some major changes for the ag sector.

Innovation on Display at Syngenta Wheat Summit

The 2017 Syngenta Wheat Summit showcased solutions that are transforming this important cereals crop.

Syngenta Demonstration Sites Showcase Products, Best Practices

Grow More Experience sites offer expert agronomic knowledge tailored to local growing conditions.

Trending 2050: The Future of Farming

Based on current trends, experts predict dramatic changes in agriculture by 2050.

Grow More Experience Site Focuses on Local Solutions

Syngenta demonstration site in Pana, Illinois, helps retailers and growers make informed management decisions.

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