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China has approved the Agrisure Viptera trait for import

Syngenta has received import approval from Chinese regulatory authorities for the Agrisure Viptera® trait. Read More
Contact your Agrisure traits reseller for information on local products and offers. To find a reseller in your area and to learn more about the benefits of Agrisure Viptera, please visit
"This is great news for U.S. farmers. Agrisure Viptera has
been in strong demand for years because it offers corn
growers incredible protection against the broadest
spectrum of above-ground corn pests including
corn earworm, black cutworm and Western bean
cutworm." Hear more
Chuck Lee
Head of Corn, North America

Information for Grain Handlers

To export grain containing Agrisure Viptera into China, a Chinese Safety Certificate is required. Questions? Call 1-877-476-2676 

Agrisure Duracade: Stewardship

Syngenta is committed to supporting the appropriate stewardship of Agrisure Duracade grain. Learn more about our approach to grain marketing and stewardship of Agrisure Duracade.
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