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Postharvest University: Knowing Your MRLs

Preserve the Marketability of Your Produce

When you know about MRLs, you can protect your crop from post-harvest diseases. And capitalize on global marketing opportunities.

Post Harvest University

Syngenta strives to help growers and shippers understand the maximum residue level (MRL) requirements of today’s global produce market. Buyers demand produce arrive with the same quality as when picked and shipped. For growers and shippers, this means protecting crops from post-harvest diseases. In choosing a fungicide, it’s crucial to understand the MRL requirements of your produce’s end destination. Postharvest University provides the information to help make these decisions.


Alumni® fungicide controls key diseases such as green and blue mold on your citrus crops. This flowable suspension concentrate contains the active ingredient thiabendazole to help protect your fruit after harvest. Learn more about use recommendations for Alumni.

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Chairman™, a premix of fludioxonil and propiconazole, is a protective fungicide used to control several post-harvest diseases of pineapple, stone fruit and tomatoes in post-harvest treatment facilities. Protecting against diseases including – but not limited to – brown rot, Rhizopus rot, sour rot and gray mold, this suspoemulsion (SE) formulation preserves fruit marketability for the road ahead. Learn more about use recommendations for Chairman.

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Graduate® fungicide offers effective control of the pathogens that cause green and blue mold on citrus fruit. Containing the active ingredient fludioxonil, the 50 percent wettable powder helps control post-harvest diseases that can damage your harvested fruit. Learn more about use recommendations for Graduate.

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Graduate A Plus

Citrus packers have a resistance-breaking combination material in Graduate A+® fungicide, which brings two fungicide active ingredients (AIs) to the post-harvest market: fludioxonil and azoxystrobin. This combination helps control green and blue mold. Graduate A+, which is a flowable suspension concentrate, can be used prior to storage or shipment to maximize your citrus quality and profits. Learn more about use recommendations for Graduate A+.

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Containing the active ingredient propiconazole, Mentor® fungicide is one of the only post-harvest fungicides that will control sour rot in citrus. Mentor provides broad-spectrum control of many important plant diseases afflicting citrus fruit, stone fruit and tomatoes. The product can be applied via a dip, drench, flood or spray application. Learn more about use recommendations for Mentor.

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Mertect 340F

Mertect® 340-F fungicide is a systemic fungicide physically and biologically compatible with diphenylamine and ethoxyquin. It controls important diseases like Fusarium tuber rot on potatoes and blue mold, bull’s eye rot and gray rot on pome fruit. A suspension concentrate, Mertect 340-F can be applied as a dip, flood or spray to harvested fruit. It also can be tank mixed with select products. Learn more about use recommendations for Mertect 340-F.

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Scholar EZ

Scholar® EZ fungicide is concentrated fludioxonil intended for post-harvest thermal fogging on pome fruit and controls blue and gray mold, Rhizopus rot and Alternaria rot. Scholar EZ is a 98 percent powder and is intended to help improve return on investment on your crops. Learn more about use recommendations for Scholar EZ.

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Scholar Max MP

Scholar® Max MP fungicide offers dual-power protection. A combination of Scholar Max SC and Mertect® 340-F fungicides, it provides the broadest-spectrum pome fruit disease control. Leading university pathologists highly recommend active ingredient mixtures for decay control and resistance management. A flowable suspension concentrate, Scholar Max MP controls sporulation to prevent blue and gray mold, bull’s eye rot and Alternaria rot during storage. Learn more about use recommendations for Scholar Max MP.

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Scholar SC

Scholar® SC fungicide is the answer for broad-spectrum post-harvest disease control across a diverse range of crops. Scholar SC has proven quality preservation benefits during storage and shipment of stone fruit, pome fruit, kiwi, pomegranate and sweet potato. By using Scholar SC, packers reduce the risk of losing profits and customers due to poor quality. Scholar SC is a flowable suspension concentrate. Learn more about use recommendations for Scholar SC.

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With one application, Stadium® fungicide provides a steady buffer against the spread of silver scurf and Fusarium dry rot on potato tubers in storage. The active ingredients in Stadium—fludioxonil, azoxystrobin and difenoconazole—maximize the potential for extended decay prevention. Choosing the proven performance of Stadium is a long-lasting and easy way to protect your potatoes post-harvest. Stadium is a flowable suspension concentrate. Learn more about use recommendations for Stadium.

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