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Science Supports Sustainability

research & development

Syngenta is committed to accelerating innovation for farmers and nature while improving productivity.

Ask the Experts: Kellogg Co. and Syngenta Unite to Help Rice Growers Reduce Methane Emissions

farm production

A new program offers methane-reduction assistance to some rice growers in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Corn Pushes China’s Ag Purchases to Record Levels

farm production

China imports more corn than ever as demand rises, and domestic production stagnates.

A Look at the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

public policy

President Biden’s initiative offers potential — if agriculture is a priority.

Special Features

EPA Deliberates the Fate of Atrazine

public policy

Proposed label changes could be costly for farmers, who face increasing weed resistance pressure.

Unpacking the Farm Bill’s Funding Areas

public policy

A breakdown of spending in the 2018 Farm Bill, including support for ag and food security.

Head of US Crop Protection Field Development Named Purdue University Distinguished Agriculture Alumnus


Gordon Vail received recognition for his many contributions to Syngenta and continued involvement with Purdue over his 28-year career.

2021 #RootedinAg Winner Honors his Grandfather

ag community

The 2021 #RootedinAg Contest winner’s grandpa shared his knowledge and passion, inspiring a love of farming.