Featured This Month

Remembering Those Who Serve

ag community

We salute veterans and the value they bring to American agriculture.

Shielding Sustainability

farm production

Crop protection technologies hold the line while farmers advance the sustainability front.

Andy “aTrippyFarmer” Dole Films His Farm’s Ups and Downs

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Successful YouTuber shows how he’s advancing his family’s legacy.

Growers Push for High Yields to Win the National Corn Yield Contest

farm production

Many participants find more bushels per acre with Acuron corn herbicide.

Special Features

Soybean Yield Competitions Generate Valuable Data

research & development

Data on best management practices collected from yield contests can help other growers.

Seasons Vary but Growers Remain Steadfast

farm production

Combining more than 60 years’ worth of knowledge, two corn growers share their agricultural expertise.

Strong Partnerships Build Better Crop Protection

farm production

One long-lasting grower-sales relationship shows the value of trust in partnership. 

Top Ag Universities

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A college ag degree is a great first step toward a fulfilling career.