Featured This Month

Seed Selection Well-Suited to Geography Maximizes Yield Potential

farm production

Seed selection for unique conditions is a pathway to higher profit potential.

Loan Repayment Terms Drive Down Debt Service

farm production

Unpacking the question of whether interest rates or repayment terms drive debt service levels.

7 Safety Tips to Prevent Grain Elevator Entrapments

ag community

Growers who operate grain elevators may help prevent accidents by following key safety practices.

Ask the Experts: Kellogg Co. and Syngenta Unite to Help Rice Growers Reduce Methane Emissions

farm production

A new program offers methane-reduction assistance to some rice growers in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Special Features

Brent Delzer’s Research in Corn Breeding Helped Create HI-Edit

research & development

Delzer’s research was foundational to the invention of this genome-editing technique.

A Look at the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

public policy

President Biden’s initiative offers potential — if agriculture is a priority.

EPA Deliberates the Fate of Atrazine

public policy

Proposed label changes could be costly for farmers, who face increasing weed resistance pressure.

Unpacking the Farm Bill’s Funding Areas

public policy

A breakdown of spending in the 2018 Farm Bill, including support for ag and food security.