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Syngenta Seedcare: On the forefront of seed treatment research and innovation so you have the best possible solution.

At Syngenta, we strive to develop seed treatments that optimize your seed’s performance rather than create a generic blended product that may not yield results. We’re transparent and want you to know what’s on your seed so you can confidently ask for a Syngenta seed treatment by name. With novel active ingredients and crop specific seed treatment recipes across all major crops, our goal is to improve germination, seedling vigor, plant stand and healthy root systems to get your crops off to a great start.

Our Seedcare Institute™, with 3 locations in North America, tests active ingredients to ensure they stay on the seed, reducing dust-off and improving plantability. We test all of our seed treatments in various field planter equipment (including mechanical and pneumatic systems) across all environmental conditions to ensure optimal performance and ease of use. Our comprehensive efforts help protect your seed so your crops realize their full yield potential at harvest.

Seedcare Brands

CruiserMaxx Vibrance
Offers best-in-class insect protection and delivers systemic root protection against certain seedborne, soilborne and foliar disease.
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Clariva Complete
Delivers season-long, lethal activity against SCN with a new easy-to-handle premix of Clariva® pn nematicide and CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® seed treatment.
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Avicta Complete Corn
Offers triple protection against nematodes, insects and diseases, as well as enhanced root health.
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CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals
Helps cereal crops establish stronger, more vigorous roots.
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History of Seed Treatment
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Rooted in seed treatment innovation.
Seedcare Institute
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Delivering new tools to help customers maximize their business.
History of Seed Treatment
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Top 5 tips for treated seed.



CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals

When comparing CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals to competitors, it comes down to performance, and the difference is clear.

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Syngenta receives approval for Vibrance Trio seed treatment for soybeans
Syngenta announced today the registration of Vibrance® Trio seed treatment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Learn more »
Syngenta Seedcare Institute delivers innovation and training to customers
Based on the strong response to its new North America Seedcare Institute, Syngenta is filling a growing need for innovative seed treatment research, advanced customer training and personalized application support.Learn more »