Stronger, Healthier Plants From the Start.

Your seed purchase is a season-long investment. Abiotic stresses, diseases, insects and other types of unpredictable pressures threaten that investment from the beginning. But with novel active ingredients and crop-specific seed treatments across all major commodities, Syngenta seed treatments improve germination, seedling vigor, plant stand and healthy root systems, so your plants have the strongest start.

Seedcare support through the entire season.

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No More Stress from SDS
No More Stress from SDS

Fields with a history of SDS are historically more prone to infection and while we don’t know what growing conditions will be this year, you can’t risk losing yield to SDS.

Upgrade your SDS Protection
Elite hybrids can make or break a season
Elite hybrids can make or break a season

Syngenta has enhanced its approach to delivering advancements in corn genetics and traits in the face of farmers’ evolving needs.

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Why Is What Happens Below Ground so Important?
Reinforce Your Pythium Protection
Reinforce Your Pythium Protection

The greater protection of Vayantis against Pythium ultimum can clearly be seen as crops emerge.

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Increase yield with seed treatment formulations
Increase yield with seed treatment formulations

Ryan Bonham, a fifth-generation corn, soybean and cattle producer from Franklin, Nebraska, has 7 tips to jump start your yield potential - and it starts with planning and planting.

Jump-start your yield

Seedcare is our priority.

New technologies can change the way you grow and protect crops.
New technologies can change the way you grow and protect crops.

The world is changing, nothing more quickly than the technology that is in your field. Through our network of experts and state-of-the-art facilities, we accelerate innovation that is tailored based on local market needs and customer requests, and aligns with global service standards.

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Syngenta Seedcare at your fingertips.
Syngenta Seedcare at your fingertips.

You need 24/7 access to tools, resources and training materials that will help keep your operations running smoothly. Here is a one-stop, easily accessible site.

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Ensuring Success Through Stewardship of Treated Seed

Featured Products

Vayantis Seed Treatment

Guard against stunting, reduced plant stands, damping-off and reduced yield potential with the most powerful compound ever created to protect corn seedlings from Pythium.

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Saltro Seed Treatment

Give your soybeans a better foundation for higher potential yields by upgrading your SDS seed treatment. See the superior performance of Saltro for yourself.

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CruiserMaxx APX Seed Treatment

Get supercharged protection against early-season insects and diseases, including Pythium and Phytophthora. CruiserMaxx APX gives you the confidence and flexibility to plant when you choose to, by minimizing the risk of replant and the associated costs.

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