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Success Matters

Success, Your Way

When it comes to farming, no two farmers or acres are alike. NK Seeds gets you hardworking seed, because come harvest all that matters is how the seed performs on YOUR acre.

Team That Puts You First

We reinvigorated our corn portfolio to deliver consistent results and built our selection of proven performing soybeans with top-of-the-line traits. With NK, you can be confident that behind every innovation and flexible seed solution is a hardworking team led by some of the best in the industry, all equally dedicated to getting you the tools you need for success.

Speed Precision and Power

From our expert-packed U.S. research centers to the more than $1.4 billion we invest annually in global research and development — number two globally in R&D — we take everything our teams hear from farmers and see in the field to develop and commercialize the solutions farmers need, as quickly as possible.

ear of corn on stalk
NK Corn

With a decade of game-changing investments under our belt, we’re bringing stronger corn genetics and herbicide traits combined with enhanced testing to the farm faster than ever.

NK Corn
soybean on vine.
NK Soybeans

Backed by 50 years of testing, NK is the only seed provider to offer the most sought-after herbicide traits stacked on our own proprietary germplasm.

NK Soybeans
2024 Seed Guide

Download our 2024 seed guide — or customize your own to include specific products and offerings.



AgriEdge® is a proven whole-farm program that combines secure data management across digital platforms and innovative product choices for every crop.

Enogen for Feed

Help increase the efficiency of your feedlot or dairy operation by switching to Enogen® for feed hybrids.

Competitive Financing

Take advantage of seed financing offers, available through Rabo AgriFinance.

Enogen for Fuel

The first biotech corn output trait designed for ethanol production, Enogen increases ROI potential.

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