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High-performing varieties with the in-demand traits you need

NK® soybeans offer a complete lineup of high-yielding varieties with today’s most in-demand herbicide choices, together maximizing whole-farm ROI potential.

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Scott Naberhous | Schaller, IA
NK Avg. - 220.5 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
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Traits & Offerings

NK Soy Performance
Unmatched Trait Choice

NK soybeans offer the industry’s broadest selection of leading herbicide traits, including Enlist E3® soybeans and XtendFlex trait technology for more options to manage weeds and protect your profitability.

Accelerating Innovation

NK is a groundbreaker in creating new, market-leading soybean varieties. With state-of-the-art trait conversion, we’re bringing the latest trait packages to market with the newest genetics.


NK Soy Genetics
Diversity of Choice

NK soybeans are developed from one of the industry's largest and most diverse germplasm pools, offering varieties for a broad range of soil, weather and other environmental conditions.

With more than 50 years of breeding experience and strong agronomics to protect yield potential in tough environments, our varieties are proven to perform.


Committed to Quality

Every step of the NK seed production process is geared toward maintaining the highest quality and purity. From the seed breeder to the final seed delivery, testing plays a crucial role. This ensures that you receive the full yield potential and value of your purchase.


Seedcare for pest and disease protection

We tap into the complete seed treatment portfolio from Syngenta — so you have options to manage your field's most challenging diseases and pests.

Provides more powerful protection against SDS than other technology and delivers robust nematode activity.

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Provides broad-spectrum protection from damaging early-season insects and diseases from day one.

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Provides season-long, lethal activity against Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN), with added broad-spectrum, early-season protection from damaging insects and diseases.

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Crop Protection

Crop protection to meet threats head-on

With the complete portfolio of leading crop protection products from Syngenta, you have options to manage challenging weeds and pests.

With broader disease control, Miravis® Neo defends against top yield-reducing foliar and soilborne soybean diseases better than competitive brands.

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Custom-built for top performance under tough conditions, Miravis® Top fungicide delivers the most powerful disease control and helps boost soybean plant health.

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Provides long-lasting protection against lepidopteran pests as well as proven broad-spectrum performance against other damaging insect pests, including those resistant to some insecticide chemistries.

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Controls both preemergent and postemergent weeds for up to three weeks longer than dicamba alone, as the first dicamba herbicide premix featuring a combination of dicamba and S-metolachlor.

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