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Supporting American Agriculture

Across our nation farmers face many challenges as they work every day to feed us and many around the world. And every day Syngenta is here to help. Learn more about our work to support America's farmers.

Syngenta is Here for You

In the U.S., where farming is the most advanced in the world, Syngenta’s mission is helping farmers be even more productive and profitable, by sustainably growing high-quality crops. Through ongoing R&D, we continually deliver innovation in seeds, crop protection and precision and farm management technology designed to enable farmers to grow more using less land, water and inputs, while preserving soil health and biodiversity—and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

During harvest, Jeff Rowe, President and CEO of Syngenta Group, reaps the rewards of agricultural innovation and sustainability on his 3,000-acre family farm in in Illinois. Watch how Jeff and his family rely on Syngenta’s commitment to U.S. agriculture at The Rowe Farm below.

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Together We Rise