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As you consider your crop protection options, ask yourself: what is it going to take to help increase crop yield and get the most ROI potential? With an unmatched portfolio of new and high-performing crop protection products, we offer a better deal that meets agronomic needs and helps you achieve better crop yield and ROI potential.

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"We used Saltro on all of our soybeans this year. My uncle who farms just across the fence from me planted the same soybean variety without Saltro and has the same tillage and fertilizer practices as I do. His soybeans yielded 70 bushel per acre. My Saltro-treated soybeans yielded 78 bushels per acre."

– Shane Dykstra, Thomson, IL,

"I was really impressed with Miravis Top, just the visual difference in the crop. You could see the difference. On top of that, the yield we have seen was nearly 8 bushels better."

– Patrick Shooter, Rowland, NC,

"On average where Miravis Neo fungicide was, we were sitting at about the 64 to 72 bushel per acre (bu/A) range and then it was in the 50s roughly where the competitor was. You could see a difference about two days after Miravis Neo was sprayed. Satellite image wise, I could see it all the way through harvest."

– Jim Legge, Garner, IA,
Grower and Applicator

"Before using Acuron, I saw 250 to 260 bu/A corn. Now what I see on the yield monitor is 275 to 290 sometimes 300 bu/A field averages. Acuron just controls our weeds better."

– Brian Bradley, Dubuque, IA,

"We had a grower that was seeing a 5-10 bushel drag just from the weeds. We switched him to Acuron corn herbicide and it completely killed the weeds that he was targeting, so much so that he's using Acuron from now on."

– Nick Waters, Plattsmouth, NE,

"The yield bumps we saw from Trivapro fungicide versus the untreated acres is probably in the 25 to 30 bushel range. Versus competitor products, Trivapro is still 10 to 15 bushels better than the competition because of that residual component. That's why we personally won't use anything else but Trivapro."

– Scott Miller, Elizabethtown, KY,
Crop Consultant

"Once pigweeds come up, we need something that's not just going to kill the weeds but also prevent the next flush, because they're always coming. So, then we'll switch over to Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology herbicide, and that way we get the S-metolachlor plus the dicamba, all in one."

– Colten Katz, Turon, KS,

"The Saltro-treated soybeans were coming out of the ground a lot more uniform and with even emergence overall. They were a stage ahead of the ILEVO® beans we had next to them. All year the Saltro-treated beans looked better. With the yield monitor in the combine, just running side-by-side, Saltro was 5 to 10 bushels better."

– Eric Scheller, Evansville, IN

"On the acres we've used Trivapro on, we were able to average 215 bushels dry land. Our neighbors that didn't use it were more 190s, 185s type of yield. So, we feel like we obtained a full 20 bushels out of the deal."

– Nathan Haug, Seneca, KS

"Tendovo definitely didn’t slow the plants down as they emerged. You don’t get any burn. I’m going to call it no setback."

– Doug Frohberg, Waterville, KS

"Excellent weed control performance and didn’t damage the soybeans. Tendovo is a much-needed product for us. We plan to use more of it this year to give us multiple modes of action to take weed control to the next level."

– Lonnie Egdorf, Hull, IA

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