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Protecting the safety and health of people and pollinators who feed and fuel the world.

Pollinators play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and productive agricultural system. Without bees and other pollinators, crops cannot flourish and thrive. And without insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and treated seed, we cannot protect these crops against pests, weeds and plant diseases. Crop protection technologies and proper stewardship practices must mutually co-exist. We make it a priority to collaborate, advocate and educate for stewardship — to safely feed and care for our planet — through the responsible use of Syngenta products.

Learn how Syngenta puts stewardship into action with farmers, applicators and the agricultural community.

Policies and Regulations

Stewardship is fundamental in the way that Syngenta operates and we take responsibility through proper management and related government policies and regulations.

The pesticide registration process uses extensive scientific information and data to evaluate the safety of pesticides to honey bees and other pollinators, people and the environment. These data sets are reviewed by regulators and used to determine registration status, label directions and best management practices to protect beneficial organisms and properly steward the land.

Responsible Product Use

Syngenta products must be made, transported and used in a safe way through the entire lifecycle — from manufacturing to disposal. We work directly with farmers, seed treaters, pesticide applicators and retailers to share stewardship best management practices that help ensure products are used safely and responsibly every time.

Syngenta collaborated with other seed companies, seed treatment providers and universities to help develop “Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship.” Jointly produced by the American Seed Trade Association and CropLife America, it provides farmers and seed companies with critical information and up-to-date guidelines for managing treated seeds effectively to minimize the risk of exposure to non-target organisms to ensure proper stewardship.

Additional Stewardship Resources

Stewardship starts with knowledge and understanding. For information and best practices, download the Stewardship brochures below:
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