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Advanced Crop Lab at RTP

A Global Center for Biotechnology

A Global Center for Biotechnology

Providing researchers with state-of-the-art resources to develop seed technologies that help farmers grow more with fewer resources.

Crop Lab Features

At the Advanced Crop Lab, the first facility of its kind, scientists simulate various growing environments to aid in the discovery and development of biotech seed technologies. The 136,000-square-foot facility includes a state-of-the-art greenhouse—one acre under glass—and is located at the 50-acre Syngenta Innovation Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Researcher Benefits

The Advanced Crop Lab’s features help scientists pursue research with the specificity necessary to develop biotech traits that manage various crop stresses.

  • Over 40 available growth environments for precise conditions
  • Lighting capable of mimicking the total spectrum of natural light
  • A liquid fertigation system to precisely feed and water the plants
  • Around-the-clock monitoring with built-in metrics and reporting
Sustainability Achievements

Sustainability Achievements

The building is Green Globes Certified, receiving three Green Globes out of a possible four by the Green Globes Council for sustainable construction and building achievements—the equivalent to a gold LEED certification. In constructing the facility, Syngenta reclaimed a former industrial site, recycling more than 85 percent of those materials and preserving all hardwood trees.


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Fact Sheet
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