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Production and Supply Development Program

The Syngenta Production and Supply Development Program (PSDP) offers you the chance to build a career in our Production and Supply organization. This new graduate development program includes a broad range of activities such as: chemical processing and manufacturing, seed production and technology transfer, and supply chain business operations.

Through PSDP you are part of ensuring an efficient production line and bringing new innovations to current processes. Some focus areas include how to source raw materials and intermediate products or how to build a safe production line. You also will learn how to plan production based on sales forecasts and integrate emerging technologies into processes to make Syngenta more effective.

Johnny Rokisky

I was attracted to the program because of the opportunity to gain a broad range of experiences early on in my career. It’s easy to see how the program has opened many doors and allowed me to achieve much more than I would have on my own. Syngenta is truly interested in developing the individual employee, as we continue to grow as a top global company.

Johnny Rokisky

Production and Supply Associate, Supply Chain Operations Track

Graduating Class of 2012

Matt Vermeersch

Coming out of college, the PSDP was a phenomenal way to begin my career. Being a small-town Midwest kid, it opened my eyes to different agricultural practices across the country, different crops and just how large the seed/agrochemical business is. It afforded me the opportunity to visit many of our sites in North America, build professional relationships with company leaders and develop into a strong, young professional with a broad range of work experiences and knowledge. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to become a leader in the seed or agrochemical industry.

Matt Vermeersch

Production and Supply Associate, Seed Operations & Production Track

Graduating Class of 2019

Taylor Rowland

If you are considering applying to the PSDP program, it's important to be flexible and open to accepting new opportunities and challenges. The program gives participants a unique opportunity to develop professional skill sets with an emphasis on collaboration across several groups within Production & Supply. Syngenta's position as a top global competitor in the agriculture industry provides access to invaluable learning opportunities and critical project experience.

Taylor Rowland

Production and Supply Associate, Supply Chain Operations Track

Graduating Class of 2023

About the program

The Production and Supply Development Program provides three rotations in various geographical areas. You are exposed to diverse experiences and extensive networking opportunities within the organization that will help develop and refine your business acumen.

Agronomy or Seed Operations track

Focused on seed field production and processing. Activities include field operations, facility maintenance, conditioning, treating and packaging, re-work activities and continuous process improvement.

Specific roles may include:

  • Field production
  • Seed processing
  • Parent seed characterization
  • Parent seed technology
  • Quality control
  • You may work to develop and maintain field programs or work to improve process efficiencies to increase throughput

Engineering track

Focused on production optimization using lean tools and concepts, pilot scale-up and full manufacturing of Syngenta products.

Specific roles may include:

  • Production engineer (active ingredients and formulations)
  • Process engineer (active ingredients and formulations)
  • Toll-manufacturing supervision
  • Technology and projects
  • Capital projects
  • Design and/or maintenance engineer

Supply Operations track

Focused on supply chain operations.

Specific roles may include:

  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain regional planning
  • Supply chain global planning
  • Lean operations

Maximize your career potential

We believe in growing talent from the inside. We strive to provide a setting where you can demonstrate your full potential. By joining our team, your talents will be leveraged on complex projects to accelerate learning and develop leadership potential. The PSDP is designed to grow existing skills while enabling you to develop new ones and proficiencies. Our program is customized based on areas of interest to help build a career based on what’s important to you.

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