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Duracade Viptera

Control More Pests Above- and Below-Ground

Count on DuracadeViptera™ trait stacks for the industry’s most comprehensive solution for insect control, simplicity and choice.

  • Outsmart More Insects
    The industry's most comprehensive insect protection controls 16 above- and below-ground pests, including earworms, cutworms, armyworms, borers and rootworms.
  • Outlast Adaptation
    Alternative modes of action preserve trait durability and delay insect adaptation for long-term field health.
  • Outperform Average
    4.1 bu/A average advantage over products without the DuracadeViptera trait stack.*

Combat Corn Rootworm

Use this guide as a tool in planning your defense against corn rootworm.

Check (left) vs. Duracade (right) | Slater, Iowa Non-traited hybrid (left) vs. Duracade hybrid (right) | Slater, IA 2021 Non-traited hybrid (left) vs. Duracade hybrid (right) | Slater, IA 2021 Non-traited hybrid (left) vs. Duracade hybrid (right) | Slater, IA 2021

Check (left) vs. Duracade (right) | Slater, Iowa

A 2021 field study on the effects of corn rootworm showed that hybrids with the DuracadeViptera™ trait are effective in limiting the impact of CRW. Under heavy corn rootworm pressure, the average root injury score of the untreated check was 1.5 nodes damaged. Using that same scale, plants with the Duracade trait had just 0.35 nodes damaged.1

1Seven location average, Slater, IA #1, Slater, IA #2, Belmond, IA; Bayard, IA; Clinton, IL; York, NE and Seward, NE, July 2021.

Performance assessments are based upon results or analysis of public information, field observations and/or internal Syngenta evaluations.

Get started with DuracadeViptera

Take Control of Corn Rootworm

Outmaneuver the billion dollar pest with DuracadeViptera. Watch the videos to see how DuracadeViptera delivers the industry's most comprehensive control.

Download the Corn Rootworm Brochure
The DuracadeViptera Trait

Corn rootworm costs growers more than $1 billion annually in reduced grain yield and control measures. See how growers can combat this pest with the DuracadeViptera trait.

Take a Stand Against Corn Rootworm

Corn rootworm has demonstrated the ability to overcome many management practices. Hear our experts discuss the “billion-dollar pest” and share how growers can rely on Duracade to provide a different kind of corn rootworm control all season long.

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More Control of More Pests

DuracadeViptera trait stacks control 16 damaging above- and below-ground pests, more than any competitive trait stack.

Download DuracadeViptera Information
InsectDuracadeViptera trait stacks*Duracade®Optimum® AcreMax® XTreme®/Qrome®SmartStax®/SmartStax® PRO RIB Complete®
Corn earworm

Black cutworm

Fall armyworm

Western bean cutworm

Dingy cutworm

Common stalk borer

Lesser cornstalk borer

Southern cornstalk borer

True armyworm

Beet armyworm

Sugarcane borer

European corn borer

Southwestern corn borer

Western corn rootworm,
Northern corn rootworm,
Mexican corn rootworm

Insect control scale

  • blank = unavailable
  • + = some
  • ++ = good
  • +++ = very good
  • ++++ = excellent

*DuracadeViptera™, DuracadeViptera™Z3

All competitor information is based solely upon interpretation of publicly available information, including public presentations, regulatory submissions and observations made in commercial fields.