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Ethanol Grower Advantage

Pursue a High-Yield Strategy, Increase Profit Potential


The Ethanol Grower Advantage creates more value for corn growers and their local ethanol communities.

Maximize Your Corn's Ethanol per Bushel

Corn Stalks

Approximately 40 percent of U.S. corn goes to producing ethanol.1 Syngenta offers the Ethanol Grower Advantage program to help growers increase potential for a better return on their corn investment.

The key is better grain quality, which ethanol plants seek to increase their output. Our agronomic recommendations, along with high-yielding seed and best-in-class crop protection products, help growers deliver just that, giving them an advantage.

1Source: USDA

2Investigator: Agren Inc. Trial in Carroll County, IA, 2014. Based on Syngenta and third-party products listed below. Actual ROI may vary based on local product prescriptions. Syngenta Ethanol Grower Advantage = Lumax® EZ herbicide at 2 qt/A PRE; Halex® GT herbicide at 3.6 pt/A + AAtrex® herbicide at 1 pt/A POST and Quilt Xcel® fungicide at 10.5 oz/A at V-5. Grower standard program = acetanilide at 1.67 pt/A PRE; glyphosate POST.

Reap the Rewards of a High-Yield Strategy

Growers enrolled in the Ethanol Grower Advantage program are eligible to receive up to a 10-cent premium for each bushel of Golden Harvest®, NK® and/or Enogen® corn delivered to a participating ethanol plant.3

The Ethanol Grower Advantage program complements additional premiums that can be earned by growers who plant Enogen, above the existing 40 cents per bushel premium offer (on average) with a matching purchase of Golden Harvest or NK Corn.

Find your local Golden Harvest Seed Advisor™ or NK Retailer to learn more about the premiums available to you. Find Your Reseller

Increase Potential to Produce a Higher-Yielding, Higher-Quality Crop


Hybrid Selection

Work with a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor or NK retailer to select hybrids best adapted to your soil, environment and management practices.

Weed Management

Start with pre-emergence herbicides that offer long-lasting residual control.

Disease Control

Data has shown that growers who apply a broad-spectrum corn fungicide can help increase their ROI potential.4

Harvest & Post Harvest

Follow harvest and post-harvest management best practices to preserve and protect high-quality grain.

See What You Could Earn

The Ethanol Grower Advantage program rewards Golden Harvest, NK and Enogen corn growers for pursuing a high-yield strategy. Separately, Enogen growers are eligible for an additional per-bushel premium.

How can this impact your bottom line? Fill in the fields of this simple calculator to discover your profit potential.5

Profitability Calculator
Please check the marked fields below. Each field must be a number.
Base net profitability: $0
With Enogen Corn:
Enogen net profitability: $0
Golden Harvest/NK Corn net profitability: $-
Non-Syngenta net profitability: $-
Total net profitability: $0
Profit gain: $0 or $0/acre
With Ethanol Grower Advantage Program:
Total net profitability: $0
Profit gain: $0 or $0/acre
Calculation: $.40 Enogen premium +
$.10 Golden Harvest or NK Acres Premium
No premium on other acres

Enogen Net Profitability
Revenue – Expenses = Net Profitability with the Enogen $0.40/bu premium

Golden Harvest/NK Net Profitability
Revenue – Expenses = Net Profitability with Golden Harvest or NK Corn

Non-Syngeta Net Profitability
Revenue – Expenses = Net Profitability with non-Syngenta corn

Profit gain
Additional profit gain achieved planting Enogen vs non-Enogen corn

Total net profitability
Revenue – Expenses = Net Profitability with EGA $0.10/bu premium on top of the Enogen $0.40/bu premium

Profit gain
Additional profit gain achieved for participation in EGA and planting Enogen corn vs non-Syngenta corn