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Stronger hybrids for high-yielding performance

Our reinvigorated corn portfolio offers high-yielding performance protected by industry-leading traits to help you get more profit potential out of every corn acre.

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Scott Naberhous | Schaller, IA
NK Avg. - 220.5 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
G12W66-3000GT 235.4 BU/Acre
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NK hybrids come with one of the broadest collections of trait technologies in the industry — which means you can put more of the right choices in your hands.

Agrisure Duracade

Features a unique mode of action that controls corn rootworm differently than other traits on the market and acts as an excellent foundation for an effective corn rootworm control strategy.

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Agrisure Viptera

Provides the most comprehensive above-ground corn insect control. Along with controlling ear-feeding insects, it is the only trait available today that effectively controls western bean cutworm.

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Agrisure Artesian

Maximizes yield when it rains and increases yield when it doesn't. Agrisure Artesian® hybrids convert water to grain more effectively than other hybrids, offering season-long drought protection.

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The NK Agrisure Innovation Story

Industry-leading Agrisure® traits offer best-in-class insect control, water optimization and herbicide tolerance to protect genetic yield potential. Paired with the advanced technology of NK® corn, growers can find a hybrid that fits the unique challenges of each individual farm, helping to mitigate risk.

Enogen Corn

Enogen® corn hybrids help support greater efficiency and productivity for feed and fuel.

Enogen Feed

Help improve the profit potential of your fields, feedlots or dairy operations by switching to Enogen® Feed hybrids.

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Enogen Fuel

The first biotech corn output trait designed for ethanol production, Enogen increases ROI potential.

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Seedcare for pest and disease protection

We tap into the complete seed treatment portfolio from Syngenta — so you have options to manage your field's most challenging diseases and pests.

Nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment that offers triple protection against early-season nematodes, insects and disease.1

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A combination of separately registered products that offers broad-spectrum, superior protection against early-season insects and seedborne/soilborne disease protection with enhanced root health.2

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Crop Protection

Crop protection to meet threats head-on

With the complete portfolio of leading crop protection products from Syngenta, you have options to manage challenging weeds and pests.

Delivers preventive and curative activity against a broad spectrum of diseases and consistently outperforms competitive brands for higher yield and profit potential.

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Delivers long-lasting, preventive and curative disease control and provides plant-health benefits for stronger corn.

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High-load granular insecticide that controls corn rootworm and other soil-dwelling insect pests with enhanced convenience. This formulation goes farther and results in fewer stops to refill insecticide boxes, which allows faster, more effective planting with less hassle.

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Controls tough, yield-robbing weeds with the longest-lasting residual and proven crop safety — and when applied at preemergence at the full label rate, Acuron can help unlock 5-15 more bushels per acre and more revenue potential than any other herbicide.3

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Dairy producers see the benefits of using Enogen® corn for feed in their fields, barns, and bunkers. Learn more from producers using Enogen in their operation. https://t.co/ZxGMaXqQgS https://t.co/tImamvfr7c
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Coming in hot! Stacked with the Enlist E3 trait, this variety was no match for the competition. NK31-M7E3 yielded 13.5 Bu/A above plot average in the Buffalo County, NE external trial. #NKHarvest https://t.co/sbHhjVbowa
NK hybrids have built-in genetic tolerance that provides advantages over other seed brands in defending Tar Spot. As you can see, some of our newest and most advanced hybrids – NK0243-5122, NK0314-5122 and NK0440-3122 continue to stand strong in the face of disease pressure. https://t.co/GSXyEuu85A