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Protect the Perimeter

When applied in-furrow, Elatus® fungicide protects your peanuts and potatoes from soilborne diseases like Rhizoctonia while supressing Verticillium wilt.

Product Details

Elatus Fungicide

With two active ingredients, Elatus® fungicide provides excellent control of foliar and soilborne diseases. The robust chemistry in Elatus provides improved, long-lasting residual control for excellent preventive disease control.

Active Ingredients:

Azoxystrobin, Benzovindiflupyr

Resistance Management:

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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      Product Benefits


      • Offers growers application flexibility from 21 days after planting to traditional soilborne timing, without skipping leaf spot control
      • Delivers excellent control of several foliar and soilborne diseases including Southern stem rot (white mold), Rhizoctonia, early leaf spot, late leaf spot and rust
      • Provides consistently long-lasting residual control


      • Delivers two-prong attack on soilborne diseases such as Rhizoctonia, black dot and silver scurf
      • Offers built-in resistance management as the only in-furrow technology that contains the proven performance of azoxystrobin and a powerful, long-lasting SDHI mode of action
      • Potential to suppress Verticillium levels when applied in-furrow at planting

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