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With best-in-class Fusarium head scab control and plant-health benefits, Miravis® Ace wheat fungicide can help you achieve heftier potential yields and profits. Explore our new disease ID guide and see local trial data to see how Miravis Ace can defend your wheat field.

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Product Details

Miravis Ace Fungicide

Fueled by the highest-performing SDHI available – ADEPIDYN® technology – Miravis Ace delivers best-in-class disease control and plant-health benefits long after spraying. With Miravis Ace, you get the best wheat fungicide for Fusarium head blight control, improved grain quality and increased yield and profit potential.

Active Ingredients:

Pydiflumetofen, Propiconazole

Resistance Management:

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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      Product Benefits

      Ace Your Field. Ace Your Yield.

      • Gives you longer-lasting, more effective disease control so that no tillers are left behind – even the ones that haven’t flowered yet
      • Delivers plant-health benefits for cleaner and greener crops that stack up for even greater yield gain
      • Puts your mind at ease by providing superior control of Fusarium head blight, powdery mildew, leaf blotch and curative control of Septoria leaf spot
      • Creates a reservoir within the wax layer of the leaf that withstands rain and degradation

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