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Energize Your Crop From Root to the Fruit.

Orondis® brand family of fungicides delivers a best-in-class active ingredient that promotes plant health from the roots to the fruit by combatting key oomycete diseases in citrus, tree nuts, vegetables, potatoes or tobacco fields.

Product Details

Orondis Fungicide

Using oxathiapiprolin as its active ingredient, Orondis® fungicide improves root health and significantly reduces Phytophthora propagule counts and inoculum potential. Orondis can be applied to fruit/foliage or through irrigation water.

Active Ingredients:


Resistance Management:

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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      Product Benefits

      • Increased yield and profit potential from industry-leading control of root rot and brown rot
      • Significantly reduces Phytophthora propagule counts and inoculum potential, compared to competitor products
      • Contributes to improved root health as part of an overall program
      • New mode of action with no cross-resistance to other products
      • Applied as a soil spray, through irrigation water or to fruit/foliage
      • Effective at very low a.i. use rates
      • Excellent preventive fungicidal activity and residual disease control
      • Demonstrated crop safety
      • Foundation fungicide in programs with other modes of action

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