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Acuron Flexi
Defeat Tough Weeds with Added Flexibility

Acuron® Flexi corn herbicide puts you back in control of the tough weeds other products miss. Combining three active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, and two sites of action, it delivers a multi-targeted approach to weed management, all with greater flexibility.

Product Details

Acuron Flexi Herbicide

Available in one convenient premix, Acuron® Flexi controls tough weeds using three active ingredients and two sites of action to deliver a multi-targeted approach for effective weed control. Added flexibility means Acuron Flexi can be used without soil type restrictions and features tank-mix compatibility.

Active Ingredients:

S-metolachlor, Mesotrione, Bicyclopyrone

Resistance Management:

Label Details

Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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      Product Benefits

      • Acuron® Flexi combines three active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, and two effective modes of action (Groups 15 and 27) in one convenient premix for a multi-targeted approach to weed control
      • Controls tough weeds like giant ragweed, kochia, marestail, Palmer amaranth and waterhemp
      • Delivers improved and more consistent control of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in corn versus competitive herbicides
      • Registered in field corn, seed corn, silage corn, sweet corn (preemergence only) and yellow popcorn (preemergence only)


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